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Return On The Investment In America

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This petition may be the most important one you ever endorse if you truly care about your own future and the tenuous pathway ahead that future generations now face. The 'majority members' in Congress are now on track with their destructive agenda to: destroy the only planet all living creatures have to exist on, reduce the poor and indigent population by over 30%, reduce or eliminate government programs that enhance the health and well being of all members of our society and finally by ignoring an imminent threat to our national security by the Russians, Americans now live day to day, in limbo and unable to move forward as we wait to see what happens next! Am I overreacting, maybe? But what if the disruptions to your daily routine, due to the misguided decisions now being made in Washington on your behalf and surely without your permission, suddenly become unmanageable, or worse, irreversible. Who do you turn to then for ways to navigate around the perilous journey ahead that we as a culture now face, when people remain complicit with the egregious actions by leaders in Washington, hoping someone else will rectify the situation for them. 

We have an undeniable zealot in the Oval Office who alongside his administrative operatives have already declared that they know what is in the best interest of all the people, better than we do ourselves. Proof of that surfaced on day one with Trump keeping his promise to all his supporters to "Make America Great Again" by issuing a death decree for twenty million people losing their safety net provided through the ACA. That was just day 1 folks! That left 1459 days to go to "Make America Great Again" for some. Almost 1 year later, as we now watch in total disbelief, all the progress made by the previous administration, to bring us from the brink of collapse and make America stronger again, is being systematically dismantled by the nefarious leaders in Washington today. The goal now is to show that the 'will of the people' becomes secondary to the will of our leaders to complete their self serving agenda at any expense to the further demise of our once democratic nation. 

So what do the rest of us do who refuse to sit on the sidelines while our nations future and the future of the planet is dictated by the true 'takers' in America? Those I am referring to have the ability to assure that all Americans have their basic needs met so no one has to struggle trying to live with dignity in their personal lives. Unfortunately, the 'takers' in our legislative branch of government, are more concerned about fulfilling their own needs than helping their fellow citizens live comfortably and securely. I urge all Americans to take control of your own destiny and stop the destructive behavior by our government leaders, before we all wake up someday and realize that those misguided decisions being made on your behalf, without your permission, suddenly become irreversible. We are stronger as a culture when we collectively stand up for the principals and beliefs that once made us the greatest nation on earth. 

I am asking for your support to sign this petition and reinforce the people's demands to the leaders in Washington: "From this point forward lawmakers are hereby put on notice that the health and well being of the citizens and the fate of our planet is not yours to determine alone but instead through unanimous consent by the people and for all the people first and foremost." Unify behind this guaranteed right granted to all Americans in a democracy such as ours before it is taken away by those in power today, leaving future generations shackled to try and understand what this nation once stood for.

I am convinced more than ever that the voice of the people will continue to be ignored by leaders in Washington, until we remove partisan ideals and beliefs from the way in which we govern in this country today. It is truly that simple! Replace the now elected members of Congress with dedicated public servants who answer directly to the people on domestic matters impacting the health and well being of each and everyone of us directly. The founders demanded from the people that we change government when it becomes ineffective to the means in which it was established! Few can deny that government no longer represents the will of the people, so change it back to the way it was intended to function or forever keep your malcontent attitude to yourselves. Then and only then will we start to move forward again as a nation that is run by the people and for the good of all the people. Congress will no longer delay action on all the critical issues before them, that if not addressed immediately, continues to move our country in a very precarious direction. Admit to yourselves and those around you that Trump is not our president and his nefarious operatives in his administration do not share the same values and principals that most Americans do, and immediately demand they all be removed from office! The founders were explicit in the laws they wrote wherein the 'people' were the only 'unified body' to decide matters in their own best interest, never a handful of zealots in government dictating what they want societies to represent in their own closed minds.

Those members of Congress who continue to abuse their positions in office by providing themselves 'absolute power' to change the procedural rules at their own discretion and mis-interpreting the laws written in our Constitution need to be called out for their egregious actions. There remains no ambiguity in the intent of the language written in the Constitution. The last time 'absolute power' was enacted against the will of the people, as Congress is currently operating under, our founders demanded we separate from those who were so oppressive as to limit our freedoms guaranteed to every citizen in America.

Once we get our government back on track, those citizens choosing to remain in the union of The United States of America, will immediately be recognized as equals in the human race as long as their beliefs, ideals or practices always remain uniquely individual. Anyone still showing opposition towards the mainstream principals and practices that once bound our nation together as one people, can take their separatists ideals and views and move to those isolated states advocating on behalf of societies made up of closed minded individuals such as yourself. Perhaps Texas can follow through on the promise it made earlier by seceding from the United States of America, since they already have an application on file. There is enough room in that territory to hold most of the discontent population now disrupting the course of progress in America. 

The decision is now yours my fellow Americans. Choose to do nothing then simply look in the mirror for the cause behind all that is wrong in your own life today. Or choose to join together and act on: not what your country continues to take from the people to further enhance the lives of a few, but rather demand a "Return On Our Investment In America" we have all earned and undeniably deserve! Life is short with no guarantees that tomorrow will come. Knowing we all arrived on planet earth with a one way ticket, time is no longer on the side of humans to continue to debate, 'what if' we try this or give this person a try at fixing what is broken. Instead we should all be demanding immediate action to change the status quo mentality in Washington, before we exhaust the few options remaining to implement positive changes to a country now in such disarray.

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