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Replace the shuffleboard table with a ping pong table

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According to Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscientist and researcher at NYU, ping pong increases brain activity by engaging the motor skill and strategy parts of the brain while simultaneously increasing physical aerobic activity. Playing ping pong simulates our brains, gets us out of the habit of sitting all day, reduces stress, and helps us bond with out coworkers, creating more productive workspaces!

Shuffleboard, while engaging some motor skills and hand-eye coordination, does little to increase physical or aerobic activity. The benefits of shuffleboard can also only be experienced if you actually play the game. No one plays our lonely shuffeboard table.

We can instantly create more revenue by selling our shuffleboard table, as shuffleboard tables are much more expensive than ping pong tables. Boom! Instant revenue!

Ping pong tables can work as alternate work or conference tables and easily fold up and be put away if we would like to use the space for something else. Shuffleboard tables ar ereally clunky and heavy and it's just not practical to try to sit down with your laptop on a table covered in sand. Come on!

Now that we have some isolated space in the treehouse, we should replace that abandoned shuffleboard table with a shiny new ping pong table! Maybe we can extend our social sports league champion repertoire to the SF Berlin Style Ping Pong League.

Let's break it down:

  • Better motor skills? Check!
  • Increased strategic problem solving? Check!
  • Increased aerobic activity? Check!
  • Increased co-worker bonding? Check!
  • Reduced stress levels? Check!
  • Increased productivity? Check!
  • Increased revenue? Check!
  • More shared working space? Check!

It's a no-brainer, really.

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