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This retarded Petition must stop! Here we have an SJW attacking PewDiePie for the tragic and horrendous New Zealand Massacre and then goes off and tells lies, misinformation’s and false facts about PewDiePie producing “White suppremacist” content!
This SJW basically attacks a man who plays video games and laughs at memes, produces content for 9 year olds everyday without big corporate help (unlike T-Series) and since she doesn’t like the fact that he is a self made millionaire who is successful at what he is doing, wants to take him down! This SJW is triggered because he is almost hitting the 100.000.000 Subscribers mark and pushes therefore this misinformative narrative!

This isn’t a meme petition! must take this petition down (petitions like these which spread misinformations and fake news go against terms of conditions)! All 9 year olds, please sign this petition and please subscribe to PewDiePie for more original content, to stop T-Series and Pewds to reach 100,000,000 subscribers!!!