Relaxation in age for girls in upsc exam

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In this era we are just talking about women empowerment. Central goverment not taking necessary steps.I read an article about एक reducing age criteria in upsc for general candidate only. Government thought only candidate of general quota became older at age of 32.,not others.

I want age relaxation for women in upsc as given by some state government.

I request all women,girls, to sign the petition

If a girl get a chance to complete her dream after 26yr old,and she is belong to general quota,don't you think she must get an opportunity to appear in exams of upsc.

If all of us will join hand together we can do it,women empowerment will be successful only when, when you provide an opportunity to women.

We are demanding any relaxation in numbers,we have trust on our talent

Just want age relaxation for giving exam.