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Reduce the amount of homework that pupils are receiving

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 I propose that there should be a cap on the amount of time students are given to complete homework each day, Such as 30 minutes each day. 

Students in schools are constantly under stress and pressure to try and do their best and achieve their target grades. On top of this they receive homework which can be a burden as it:

  1.  Greatly minimises time spent with family and friends; Not having this time to socialise and interact with friends and family members has a negative impact on the students in various ways.
  2. The amount of homework given can cause great stress and worry. Some students are currently studying up to 12 subjects per week and homework can be given from either or all of these subjects. Some subjects set homework that requires far more time than others, meaning there is no time to concentrate on other subjects in which students may be struggling with.
  3. The majority of students are at school for approx 30 hrs per week. Therefore is it really necessary for students to be doing even more work while out of school? Home time should be free time, school time should be work time.

Often enough, students do not have the facilities needed to complete their homework to the best of their ability. For example, a quiet, calm environment. School is a working environment and allows for students to learn and complete work to a high standard.                                                                                                                                   This has a very serious impact on the lives of students as, as they are doing their homework they miss out on all of the good things in life.
As a student myself I am aware of the effects of this homework overload and it has effected me as I attend after school clubs and clubs outside of school in which i ended up leaving as I could not handle doing all of the homework as well as other activities. It is a lot of stress and hassle trying to get everything sorted within such a short space of time.

I care about this as my time matters more than anything else and I find that you will miss things that might not happen again or maybe getting to spend more time with their family.

So please fill in a few quick details and sign this petition today, it may be a lot of effort to complete homework on time but signing this petition isn't.

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