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Providing tests for strep b in all pregnant women

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I want all pregnant women 30 weeks+ to be offered a simple test for strep b, that can save an innocent babies life.. and get the right medication and support for these babies... no mother should lose there baby to a simple infection that can easily be avoided.

I only knew i had strep b as i had bleeding throughout my pregnancy otherwise i wouldnt of known.i was given the antibiotics but my little girl still ended up getting this horrible infection and was kept in on antibiotics ect,but still has on going chest problems. My little girl is extremely lucky to be here,and im thankful every day to the doctor who noticed she wasnt breathing right.

But unfortunatly some babies dont get the same chance as my little girl,and sadly spread there wings to soon.


PLEASE STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING and sign this petition to get strep b routinely checked 



On average, one newborn baby a day in the UK develops group B Strep infection. One baby a week dies from group B Strep infection. One baby a fortnight who survives the infection is left with long-term disabilities - physical, mental or both. It is the UK’s most common cause of severe bacterial infection in newborn babies, and of meningitis in babies under 3 months.

Group B Strep is a normal bacterium carried by around 1/4 women, without symptoms and usually unknowingly. It can be passed from mother to baby around birth withpotentially devastating consequences for the baby. But these consequences are usually preventable and that’s why I’ve started this petition with the charity Group B Strep Support.

Unlike many other developed countries including Germany and Spain, the UK does not routinely offer tests to pregnant women specifically to check for Group B Strep carriage during late pregnancy. If doctors know a mum is carrying GBS, they can administer simple antibiotics during labour to prevent the infection - over 80% of these infections could be prevented. However the GBS-specific ECM (enriched culture medium) test is rarely available through the NHS. 

Since 2003, the UK has used ‘risk factors’ to guess which pregnant women might be at risk. Risk factors are poor at predicting which babies will develop the infection -- the number of babies infected is growing, we need to stop guessing and start testing. The ECM test costs the NHS £11 each and the antibiotics used in labour (usually penicillin) cost the NHS pennies.

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