Family must live together in Australia.

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The Protection Visa has been denied after almost 5years in the country alone without my family I ran for my life.

Ministrial intervention. The Minister to assess my story as the AAT refused to grant us protection.

I started this petition, because… I am starting the petition as I have received an unfavorable decision. I would like to request the Ministerial Intervention as I believe  that my circumstances are unique and exceptional given the significant change in the country information which directly relates to my protection claims, and because in the time I have been in Australia, despite the hardship I have faced, being separated from my family for 5 years.  I have made an active effort to contribute to the community through my work in aged care, home care and through my church and community leadership where I am involved in the empowerment of ladies and girls ministry. The refusal of my visa in 2016 was related to country information, since 2016 country information has changed and most recently the situation is escalating in my home country and is evidence that there is imminent threat to my life if I am forced to return. I believe that I have become well integrated in the Australian community after spending many years building my life here and there are compelling reasons to allow me to stay in Australia as an issue of public interest. I have numerous letters of support which shows my contribution to work and my community. I am a dedicated Care Worker helping our elderly people in the Australian community and I contribute to the Australian economy. I work with clients till end of life caring for them in their own homes. 

What happened to Complementary Protection if the immigration is saying I must  go back to my country where I ran away from..i think i have given all the substantial grounds and evidence that harm and terrible torture can be against me. 

I ask that the Minister take the above into consideration when assessing my request, and I am grateful for this consideration.