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Prohibiting racists (Erin Smith, etc.) from using to spew hatred.

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It is clear that ignorant people like Erin Smith and others are abusing the use of The whole point of this site is to  support positive social change and equality for all, instead they are using it as a platform to try and get a civil rights activist fired from his Television job because they don't like what he said.

These people are obvious liars and racists. Some of the supporters have the nerve to say they believe in "equality for all" but yet are against the civil rights movement of black lives matter which is about social change and equality for all. It seems they are using this site to allow there racism to prosper against a bi-racial man. These people stand for hate and ignorance.

An example is generalizing black people which is a common theme that racists do, Erin Smith's supporting article of why Jesse W. Should be fired is because a lone gunman who was not a part of black lives matter shot police officers. His actions had nothing to do with Jesse or the movement. It was his own decision, but of course as racists tend to do they assume if one black man killed some officers it was because of "all black people" including somehow an actor from Grey's Anatomy. is for Change, not hatred.

Please don't allow users like Erin Smith or anyone else to use such a powerful site like for a place to hate and slander others, this is not facebook. So, I am asking you, Administrator please ban Erin Smith and other hateful human beings from using this site for the opposite of which it stands for.

P.S Erin Smith and supporters"It's 2016 stop hating others. Those who hate others truly hate themselves. We are all one whether you like it or not."


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