Petition to remove slander Pewdiepie petition from

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Recently someone created a petition to remove "white supremacist content from Youtube", which is something I find as a good intention. This type of content should not be allowed or condoned by Youtube. However, this petition focuses on removing Pewdiepie from Youtube, based on fraudulent sacandals that have been brought up by social media, which have led people to believe that he supports white supremacist movements.
This person presents manipulated ideas of why Pewdiepie is an anti-Semitic, "supported" by out-of-context imagery created by mayor news companies in an attepmt to spark up controversy.
Pewdiepie has made mistakes, but these are wildly blown out of proportion by the media and this petition.
He has always apologized for his errors and has openly separated himself from these horrific concepts.
People who actually watch his content are aware of the lies presented to the general public, and so is Youtube; this being the reason why he has not been banned, because his content is not what it's being acussed of being.
In reality these news articles and this petition are a form of slander and should not be promoted across this platform which is created to fight honest and true issues. Allowing a petition like this, based on fradulent information, to continue would eventually lead to the discrediting of the platform. The coments of "why to sign this petition" are filled with people asking others to report the petition as slander, however, the petition remains intact.

In order to solve this issue, should review the multiple reports the petition has, and check for the veracity of the information presented on it; while also acknowledging that main News sources are not trustworthy (as they are the main providers of false information), in order to trully demonstrate that the petition contains false spoken statements which damge Pewdiepie's reputation, and then take arms to remove it from the platform.