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Need your help bringing my daughter Diane Nicole back home

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Hello everyone, I'm Stephanie the mother of Diane Nicole Hall who is age 3. Dss took my daughter because she was popped alittle to hard on her butt which I sure you all it wasn't done on purpose. I as a mother loves my kids with all of my heart and would do anything to keep my kids safe. You may have a horrible opinion of me but I'm trying to be a better mother then what I was before so please understand as a parent. Dss mistakenly gave her to her father Justin Lee Osborne and girlfriend Amy Clew on Jan 23rd of this year. On July 2nd at 2am I got a phone call no parent wants to hear especially when it comes to their kids. I was told my daughter Diane Nicole Hall was rushed to the hospital n placed in ICU because of the injuries she had. She had a fractured skull, 3rd degree burns on her feet which were made by boiling hot water, bruises all over her body and might have been sexually assaulted. My precious daughter didn't deserve any of this & it broke my heart that it happened to her n I couldn't stop it from happening. Dss & Justins side of the family knew about everything that happened to her and did nothing. Thankfully my daughter recovered from everything that happened & is still that same sweet loving caring goofy little girl I brought into the world. My daughter smiles n hugs me when we have our 1 hr visits & when time to leave she screams n cries for me & to come back home. She knows who loves her cares about her & who will protect her its me & my side of the family. She's my reason for making my petition shes my reason for everything I live for just like her sister & sis/brother that is on the way. My kids give me life & my happiness and without them I'm nothing I'm worthless. So as a mother coming to you as parents or guardians of any child for help in bringing my daughter Diane Nicole back home. By helping me you'll be making a heartbroken little girl happy again, you'll be making myself family/friends and everyone else who loves her dearly very happy, you'll be making her feel the love you all have by helping me with this. If you'd love to help please sign & then share it with everyone you know n have them sign it. Everyone's signature helps! We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We hope you all have a blessed night & blessed rest of week/ weekend. God bless you all.

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