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Urge of Death Penalty for Rape Accused in India:-

Dear Parents, Citizens and Honorable Courts of India 

We all know that rape is a heinous crime. Unfortunately, In India, a woman is reportedly raped in every 15 minutes. If you multiply that by 24x7, 365 days a year, you will be worried enough to see what is happening around. With thus, I would also request you, to keep in mind the majority of rape cases still go unreported. The statistics on crime against women is even worse: Every 2 minutes, a woman in India is a victim of a crime. Since 90% of the rape cases are unreported and even 10% gets reported only 1/3rd go to jail and only 3% gets capital punishment, I feel that the potential problem lies in not creating stringent laws, like "capital punishment" for the rape accused when prove to be guilty. 

There are several incidents happening each day, like Asifa, Nirbhaya and many other girls each moment, every seconds who are getting raped. According to the statistics, 34,651 cases of rape were reported in India last year, but this is just the tip of the iceberg since 90 percent cases went unreported. At Delhi, alone the crime conviction rate against up at 83% over gross average and its increasing day by day. 

Our girls are afraid going to school, colleges. Even the pedophile rapists has been increased in recent times. We all are living in a society where every mother frightens if her baby daughter takes time to come back from school because the rapes are happening at our institutions even. 

With Asifa Bano, culprits have raped her inside the sacred place, a temple and has created a rage, clashes between two major community of India. 

I dont think, this is an India we all wanted to see. I, a citizen of India and a father of a girl child, strongly believe that we have courage to teach a lesson to the rapists and bring fear to those who posses such dangerous intent to harm a girl child. 

Only certain convictions and crimes such as offenses include espionage, treason, and death resulting from aircraft hijacking, murder at certain degree allows honorable judge to issue IPC 302 whereas rape can only allow judiciary to action at 375,376,376A, 376B, 376Cand 376D (gang rape) of the Penal Code which are not "death penalty" but prison for life term bur not death penalty. 

I would request our beloved countrymen and women to understand that, rape is not a normal crime. It is a crime in India where a girl's life has faces dire consequences, we have seen many cases where the girl committed suicide or the society we live in, take away her social status and gratitude of living a honorable life. The parents becomes ashamed and many cases (especially at the rural area), parents had to compromise to have the rape victim gets married to a rape convicts/offender. 

It is a worse case scenario, that unfortunately for a girl child, many a times, the rape offenders are their near and dear ones. NCRB data shows 95% rape victims in India known to offenders. One of the biggest misconceptions around rape is the "other-ing" of both the criminal and the victim — that a "certain" type of man rapes and a "certain" type of woman gets raped (often under "certain" circumstances). The overwhelming complicity of perpetrators in familial positions of power, or those who are known to victims, is grossly understated.Therefore, sexual assault, most often than not, becomes an under-reported crime not only because of the stigma attached to it and a broken justice system but also because of the additional barriers that a collusion of familial, social power structures, shame and dependency create. 

Hence It is evident that we need stringent laws and it is my humble and sincerest plea to all the honorable Judges of India, dearest fellow citizens to make this change happen.

Dear Judges, A rape case can be another file on your desk but for a parents of a girl child it’s a life lost forever. This heinous crime requires day to day trials and immediate justice and only Indian Penal Code 302 (CAPITAL PUNISHMENT/DEATH PENALTY) could make it happen. 

I urge the citizen of India, to be my side and sign this online petition as much as possible, share the message as much as possible such that we can instill fear among the criminals heart and mind. 

I, Prosenjit Mukherjee, a citizen of India, along with few of my fellow petitioners signing this online petition. I strongly believe that this petition would allow us to o further at the court of law and requests them to look at this requests and implement stringent laws to make the country safe for every girl child. 

 Lets Begin!