My husband not to be deported

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I joconda have 4 beautiful kids.Im here to ask for help and support.My husband bein detain from immigration.he was release from Pennsylvania and now he been detained by immigration in New York,this people from immigration doesn't have no compassion from our family.they just keep deporting people like they got no family no life .My husband been supporting me and my kids he would do anything for us,he put us before him.He is a loving husband dad son and he would help anybody who would need a hand.Our son who's 7 yrs old he pray everyday and he birthday just passed and we asked hi. What he wants for his birthday and say nothing mommy all I want is my daddy to come home.he grabbed his dad pictures start kissing it hugging it and start crying like I never seen him cryin son grabbed his daddy clothes put it next to him and he put his hat in the bed tshirt and his pant and say daddy you will be ok don't worry.start begging me to bring his daddy home please.he sleep with his daddy pictures.its a heartbreaking moment and what we going through .he doesn't have no one in Cuba his mother is sick and she also cry so son said if he could go and speak to the officer to beg him to let his daddy come out to bring him home .for his bday he wan his daddy to be here and that his only wish was to bring him home.Everyday it's a sad day for us cause we trying our best to cheer up my son but there's nothing there to seem to help him.please support us and help us.i don't know what else to do .hes all we have .he have a good heart and love this family like we never been loved.i wish I could post videos and pictures so everyone could see how heartbreaking we are living at this moment specially our 7 yrs old son :/.. all I wish for my husband not to be deported back to Cuba since he came 1980 and now is 43 yrs old ,and have already made a family here .

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