Make CMS payments fair for separated parents.

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Changes to CMS payments for seperated parents who re-marry.


Currently if the parents seperate from one another, the child goes to one parent whilst the other pays child maintenance. 

Other scenarios do happen, like a 50/50 split or mutual agreement. But this is the one I am focusing on 

I want to change the amount we pay (as parents who pay CMS) if the other parent marries another individual who is working.

When an adult marries someone else who has a child, they are committing to being a part of their lives. Not only helping bring them up, but financially as well.

While a single parent who lives alone and cares for the child most of the time, yes it is fair that the other parent pays CMS in accordance with their policies of how often you see the child.

My argument is that when the other parent has married another man/woman who is in full time or part time employment, why should we still pay the same amount when the “step” parent should be contributing?