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Make include a "comments" section for those who don't want to sign a petition.

This petition had 17 supporters is full of convincing arguments. It's also full of people's comments, upon signing, explaining why they're supporting the petition in question. Nowhere on the site is there a place for people to explain why they're NOT signing.

Many petitions sometimes have holes. The ideas behind them may be well meaning, or otherwise, but sometimes they are poorly thought through. When a petition campaigns using emotive language, it's easy for people to get swept away. Sometimes, it's necessary to put an opposing, or even rational, counter-proposal, out there. This isn't about hamstringing petitions, but giving people an opportunity to hear more than one side of the story.

I am not including a photo with this petition "capturing the emotion" of the petition. This is emotional leverage. Think for yourself, then decide if you want to support this petition. Try to do the same with any other petition on this site, prior to signing.

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