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Let's Get Chris Isle Away From Canyon Spring High School He Slam A 13 yr Old Girl

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Kids safety is our first priority. And if a parent can not feel safe to send their child to a public school, where their child safety comes first? public school safety should be the priority for all student to feel safe and not be bullied or thrown around like trash by any staff that is highly qualify to be over our children. we trust them on a daily basis to teach our kids intergrity and educate them. Kids should not have to be touch or thrown by our public school staff administrative or touch in inappropriate ways by our teachers   that suppose to be leaders in our youth eyes. I know alot might seen the footage of my 13 yr daughter get slam by Chris Isle (administrative) at canyon spring high school went viral, and the interviews of my opinion on the news and the way this tragedy has affected my family in a major way. My Daughter has been back and forth to hospital due to pain and headaches she also done therapy as well, but due to the aches we no longer do therapy she takes medication to help her get through the pain she feels on a daily basics! It's a year later and all my kids is home school online. My daughter was so happy to move to north las vegas to start her freshmen year in canyon spring high school(started) 08/2016 to 10/2016 (Ended) school year until one day I woke up to my daughter was brought home to me hours after I got off work by her dad who had to leave work to go pick her up due to a call saying my daughter got into a fight with another girl and has been suspended for like 10 days! My husband was explaining what they said had happen and he was trying to talk to the staff to find out who has touch her cause my daughter explain a guy slam her but the school claim they didn't have a clue to what his concern was and she was getting suspended for fighting (No fight never happen) only verbal words! So my husband rush back to work and I grab my phone and notice there was a video of my daughter going viral which Cleary shows my 13 yr old getting thrown full force across the concrete around 7 :30 am by CHRIS ISLE the canyon spring high school administrative.  When my daughters got slam on concrete her not only did he slam her he was in a rage well he lost it and went after her and layed his body (36 year old man) across a 13 year old skinny girl body on hard concret and undercover press and held her down which you can clearly see she was on conscious and kinda out of it, not to mention her sister and and 2 cousin goes to school with her and when they see her got thrown like that that was them in the video screaming running to help her and the officers stop them, well Chris Isle was not charge due to he lied and use that footage of ppl running up toward her as if that's why he ran and jump on top of on the ground to protect her from getting jump, which was a lie cause the lady teacher grab the senior and took her the same time he slam my daughter to the ground the fact that he went after her and then notice everybody watching him he was shock, cause there no way he was trying to protect her he just don't know them kids he lied to the police on the video saying he was protecting her from them was hollering get off my cousin and let her go. I jumps up and go to the school and I seen a school police and I ask him if he could tell me what happen to my daughter, and he said man there was a verbal argument with 2 girls but I don't have a clue to a teacher slamming your daughter, which it Cleary shows in the footage the police watching it. I also went to the principal office, Dean office, police office and talk to every poilce officer at the school they all was calling other staff in asking did they know what I was taking about and they all said no, so I'm like hold on give me a min so I pulled out the video and got it loaded and they all start looking at it and was shock I had footage as if they already erase there footage and pretended nothing never happen so I called the school district and let them know all yall staff members and officers all lied to me which was very disrespectful cause I'm the mother and I also told them I had the video the whole time trying to upload while everybody was acting as if I was a crazy lady making up lies!! When they seen the footage they acted as iff it was new to them and some of the staff acted as if they was shock, which you can clearly see them staff in the footage as well!! My Daughter face that was pressed against the concrete was bruise she also had a bloody eye for weeks and a knot on her head and shoulder bone and the sides of her ribs and back was bruise due to the pressure the staff applied. The truth is they gave me the run around about the charges I had press and they also could never find the case # I was given and when I call the mayor I was told she was on vacation and I left a message never got a call back. After spending weeks trying to confirm my case the news announce it was drop and I was never inform of nothing not even a piece of mail showing your case has been drop from the District Attorney Office, the truth is it never got process I talk to a couple of ppl in the District office and they explain to me if we have your case we would see it. The School district and DA Office has fail us once again for not getting my daughter justice instead they appauld him and allow him to still work on the canyon spring high school grounds. Let's Get Him out 

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