Leave Critical Kay Alone

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Too many people have become overly emotionally attached to victims of a murder case. Victims that have tragically lost their lives. Dying doesn’t make someone a saint or an angel, and too many of the emotionally attached are becoming hostile and overly obsessed with slandering and harassing/threatening LIVING people who have a different opinion then them.  

Critical Kay should NOT be shut down, because she gives a platform for people of all different opinions and mindsets to come together and discuss their views civilly and respectfully. She does NOT slander a dead woman or especially the children. She most certainly doesn’t allow it on any of her platforms. You can’t dictate who can and cannot utilize our 1st Amendment! It was written into our constitution because people have been practicing freedom of speech for centuries.  


I ask that you sign this petition to have change.org remove the petition started to “Have YouTube Remove Critical Kay Videos” because it goes against FREEDOM OF SPEECH