Justiceforneha...a fight against sexual harrasment /bullying/molestation at work place

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NEHA...means "love"..Yes she was a beautiful ,fun loving girl and bundle of joy for our family..the youngest sister of ours who always believed in hard work ,honesty,living with love and spreading  happiness all around.She was the one who inspired us for how to live our life happily.

She was just 33 yrs .She was equally best at her academics ,a good swimmer,dancer ,anchor ,Traveller ,loved adventure as well. She was recruited in BHEL (BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICAL LIMITED) as DyAccount officer  at very young age  just after completion of her graduation.Intially was posted  at BHEL JHANSI where she successfully performed her duties and after 3 years came to BHEL BHOPAL(home town) on request transfer where again she gave her best.

Neha got married happily with husband Sunil(Jaipur) in Dec 2017.Thus being married to a wonderful person and having wonderful in-laws Neha became a wonderful wife and daughter in-law as well and kept spreading happiness everywhere.Neha along with husband decided to settle at one common city Hyderabad so that both can live together.Neha applied for request transfer to Hyderabad and there it started the bad phase in neha's beautiful life.

The 5 girls from BHEL BHOPAL(RUCHITA THAKUR,NEELIMA PATEL MAHTO,KALPANA KUNAL KODAPE ,SWATI SINGH AND NEHA MEHRA) together conspired against Neha.They started bullying and teasing Neha regarding her personal life. Hardly a day would go when Neha returned home in Bhopal and didn't shed tears  .The  cheapness and dirt in the mind of these girls( out of jealousy as they cannot see Neha flourishing with happiness everywhere) went to such an extent that they even started threatening Neha that using their husband's power (neelima's and ruchita's husband are at higher grade in Bhel)they can easily create hurdle in neha's transfer and even can get Neha indulge in any of the false cases.

We asked our sister to make complaint against these girls but she denied as she said "They are intentionally troubling me to create hurdle in my transfer.Once I will get transfer ,things will be fine" .

Neha finally after going through   a  lot of mental stress and torture by these girls got her transfer on 8  June 2019 to BhEL Hyderabad.

Neha was very happy as usual blooming with her beauty and happiness again.But it didn't last for long.

The episodes of mental torture,teasing,bullying started repeating in BHEL HYDERABAD the same way it use to be in BHEL BHOPAL.Neha was being spied by her BHEL Officials.Her phone got hacked and every conversation and movement of her was monitored .Even  one of the official of BHEL HYDERABAD told Neha sarcastically that" we have heard  a lot of good things about u Neha Madam from Bhopal"Exactly the same words,sentences and acts were use to torture Neha at her work place in Hyderabad as that in Bhel Bhopal.

Neha understood that she has been defamed in Bhel HYDERABAD by these BhEL Bhopal 5 girls.Still Neha being a bold girl kept fighting against the misdeeds of her senior officials .She kept ignoring and avoiding to an extent.But as the days passed her seniors crossed all the limits.Neha's personal life  was interrupted and her seniors thwarted her to make any official complaint.She was being conveyed by senior officials that "We have our people all around and she won't  get any help being new in d city".

Neha also visited  cyber cell and nearest police station but didn't get much of the help as police too treated the complain casually.Nehas phone being hacked and being spied till her apartment by officials,Neha got under complete terror and could not communicate openly with members of Bhopal family.Also being scared that these people will harm her in-laws as well she got helpless.On 16th Oct 2019 Neha left office at 04:10 pm (20 minutes earlier of her office leaving timings)  being scared of becoming another NIRBHAYA.Neha's senior MOHAN LAL SONI along with his colleagues stood around neha's seat and said that "DGM ARTHER KISHORE KUMAR WILL RAPE HER".

NEHA lost  and out of fear of becoming another NIRBHAYA ,hanged herself with ceiling fan of her bedroom when husband Sunil left for washroom on 17 Oct 2019(Karwachauth day). She locked the room from inside and around 10:30 a.m. she left us.

Neha's  very  last words  for mother  was


  Almost every woman faces this at her work place in this male dominant society.The mischievous things a male employee does to harass a lady at work place can be understood only by the lady who faces it.When a official complaint is made in the management ,most of the organisations tries to dump  the case and tries to suppress the victimsi voice.The  male culprit is in being protected and given    clean chit by management and on the other hand various allegations are put on the character of the victim woman.

The management even transfers the victim not the culprit to the other whichoffices /departments which  are not suitable for a lady .At the same time her colleagues being it men or women looks after the victim as if she has done something wrong raising the voice.Instead of supporting the victim,every other person in the office backsteps despite knowing the truth and with the fear of losing their own job ,people turn their faces from the victim .


But what if the next victim is YOU? Who knows the future? What if your colleague does the same to you when you are being harassed and no one is there to listen to your voice...may be that pain and torture will ultimately lead you to commit suicide.

The same is what have been faced by my younger sister NEHA CHOUKSEY KHANDELWAL . Sexual Harrasment and Abetment to suicide case BHEL HYDERBD and BhEL BHOPAL .A team work of 5 girls from BHEL BHOPAL and around 15 people from BHEL HYDERABAD to torture ,harass, molest and threats to rape and kill my sister and her family by her senior officials led my sister to take away her life hanging herself on 17/10/2019.She was thwarted to make any official complain and even police didn't take her complain seriously when she was alive.She was threatened that she will be raped by her DGM on 16 Oct 2019 and due to the fear of becoming another NIRBHAYA she committed suicide.


It's been 6 months police is investigating but no culprit is behind bars.Bhel says there are no official complain by her in harassmt cell.( She was thwarted to make any complain by seniors as she mentioned in her suicide notes).Despite having call conversation and suicide notes as neither police nor BHEL has taken any action against these culprits.Its been 6 months.Culprits are roaming free.

I see everyday my mother crying and saying"Koi Meri Neha ko le aao"

Papa says in grief and pain" Meri bacchi to bohut bahadur thee..wo to sabko hasati thee...wo to aesa Kar he ni sakti"

Police is saving culprits.Bhel is saving culprits.Both are trying to weaken the case taking Investigation in the direction to proof "Neha was not stable".

Police has just 3 things to say for last 6 months:

1.Legal opinion to be taken.

2.Investigation is going on.

3.Accused are central govt employees.We can't arrest.Suicide notes and call recordings cannot be considered prime fascia evidence.



I have no words for these people.I just see my parents weeping day n night for their beloved youngest child Neha and culprits are enjoying their lives after taking away a innocent life.




Today it has happened with Neha.Tomorrow it can be you...yes you...any of the working women..and no one will listen to you..

So please sign this petition and raise the voice against office harassment..being it sexual harrasment ,bullying ,teasing,mental torture , molestation or threats to rape or kill by your officials .

I request to Respected PM Narendra Modi Ji  and Smriti Irani ji to give the investigation in hands of CBCID and justice  to be served to my sister NEHA and these accused's of both BHEL BHOPAL and BHEL HYDERABAD to be suspended officially and  put behind bars asap .


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