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Justice for Saiqa Wanchoo

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I (KAHKKASHAN WANCHOO, the youngest sister and MOTHER (MRS. MEHBOOBA SHAFI WANCHOO) of SAIQA SHAFI WANCHOO want to bring to your notice that SAIQA SHAFI WANCHOO, aged 43 was murdered in cold blood (Poisoned) by her IN LAWS AND HUSBAND on the intervening night between 15th and 16th May 2016 at her INLAWS RESIDENCE, 38 A KURSOO RAJBAGH, SRINAGAR, KASHMIR.


SAIQA SHAFI WANCHHO was married to SHEIKH SAJID HAMID for 16 years (5th Sep 2000). Saiqa could not bear a child (conceive) for which she was tortured by her in laws (Mother In Law, Father In law, Sister In Law) and Husband, every now and then, so much so for 2 years she came back to her Mother’s house. This was clearly a case of domestic violence and Harassment in every sense. She again made a compromise and went back to live with her Husband and In laws after the intervention of the elders in the family. But her In Laws did not stop here; they kept on torturing her till she was alive for every little small thing.


SAIQA was a known personality (in the social and education sector) in the state of J&K. She used to represent the state at the National level in various cultural and educational programs. She was about to be honored the Best Teachers Award for 2015-16 from the state of J&K. She used to anchor television and radio programmes besides being an active social worker.

Saiqa, (Teacher), who was last posted at Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Sonowar, Srinagar, had shared one week before her death with her colleagues that she was afraid of being poisoned by her In laws who had been torturing her and given indications of doing so. Her inhibitions came out to be true on the fateful night of 15th May (12.45 AM).


1. 15th May, Sunday, 7.30 AM: Saiqa called up on landline and talked to Rawaan (Niece) instructed that they must study properly.


2. At about 1.30 PM: Sajid called up again for Hamza and Mohammed, who had gone out to play. Using abusive language called up again and told Rawaan that Khadija and Afnan (Nieces) are like his servant Hajira.


3. Till 3 PM: Sajid kept on calling every now and then to provoke the children. Then Saiqa along with her husband Sajid and servant Akshay came over to Chanpora at about 8 PM, she had got some cooked chicken for her mother gave her a dry fruits gift tray in return. She had a small argument with Khadija and Afnan over studies.


4. Sajid who was in the car came inside and in a very abusive tone said to Khadija again that he looks upon them as Hajira his servant, then caught hold of Saiqa and started pulling her into the car.


5. Saiqa left with him at about 9 pm as her in laws kept on continuously calling for dinner.


6. At about 10. 30 PM Saiqa again made a phone call to her mother, she talked nicely everything seemed to be normal, she also spoke to both nephews Hamza and Mohammed over the phone till about 10.55 PM.

7. Hamza who spoke to her last said Saiqa did not say bye to him but it seemed as if someone snatched the phone from her and the line got disconnected. It was a habit with Saiqa to say bye and take care before she would drop the phone but that fateful night she did not say bye or take care but the phone got disconnected abruptly.

8. Mother of Saiqa received a call at about 12.45 AM, from Husband Sajid, who said, “Saiqa is dead". Sajid had informed Saiqa’s mother about her death only after the Police refused to hand over the body to him.

9. Mother was shocked, Aruj sister took the phone and talked to Sajid who was saying, "Send Gh Ahmed Uncle, Saiqa is finished, send him to SMHS hospital".

10. Aruj informed Gh Ahmed Uncle over the phone about Saiqa and both Gh Ahmed Uncle and his son Faheem left for SMHS hospital.

11. When Gh Ahmed Uncle reached the hospital premises he saw that a crowd of people had gathered near the ambulance in which body of Saiqa was kept wrapped in white cloth. Sajid’s younger sister Rosina and her husband Shabir and their two daughters were also present in the SMSH hospital along with Sajid and his mother Zubaida. Gh Ahmed asked Sajid where is Saiqa, to which he answered, She is dead.

12. Gh Ahmed said, let us then take the body home then, to which Sajid replied that the Police is not letting the body go. Surprised Gh Ahmed said, Why and for what Police is involved?, Sajid replied because they are saying its suspicious death case and the body will be taken for Autopsy.

13. Gh Ahmed talked to Police about handing over the body of Saiqa but the Police refused. Gh Ahmed and Saiqa’s family had no idea that Saiqa’s death could be a murder in reality.

14. According to the doctor's preliminary report Saiqa was "BROUGHT DEAD" to the hospital and there was lot of Frothing along with blood stains from her mouth and her body had turned "Blue" and swollen. So the on duty doctor in Emergency Ward of SMHS hospital informed the police and Article 174 Cr Pc was issued on the case and she was referred for autopsy.

15. The biggest question that arises is that what exactly happened to a 43 year old healthy young lady who had no illness  in an hour and a half's time that straight away lead to her death?

16. On 16th morning autopsy was carried out by on duty doctor, Dr Urfaan Wani ( CMO of Miskeen Bagh Srinagar)  who yelled at her husband and in laws, questioning them about the homicide ( we have an audio recording of the same).

17. Dr Urfaan Wani has in his audio recorded statement said that features suggestive of poisoning, Profuse froth was coming out from her mouth with some bleeding too, and there was pungent smell coming from the Stomach.

18. Even after autopsy frothing did not stop till she was given bath as a part of last rites.

19. The question arises if the duty doctor gave the statement about poisoning, Why wasn't Ryles tube inserted?  Or a Gastric Aspirate taken during autopsy?  Even a Blood or a Urine sample taken would have been the biggest clue.

20. Plus what is more shocking is the gross and microscopic findings of the stomach which would give results were not carried out. A simple aspiration and histopathology would have solved the matter.

21. Why and how could the CMO on duty and the Forensic Lab doctor be negligent? It’s a known scientific fact that during digestion process things only stay in the stomach for Four hours after which the juices go into the Liver and Spleen, Why was not the sample of Liver and Spleen not provided to the Forensic Lab, which could have checked the poisoning?

22. We strongly suspect foul play in this matter, as the Police did not seal the Room of Saiqa or did not take any circumstantial evidence from her in laws house where this incident took place. Why circumstantial evidence has not been preserved?

23. Why was Saiqa’s mobile phone NOT taken in custody at that very moment? It is quite possible that it could have provided some clue about her suspicious death.

24. Why Sajid’s mobile was not taken into the custody by the Police? It is quite possible that Police might have got some clue about Saiqa’s death.

25. On 21-5-16 Sajid Hamid Sheikh (Husband of Saiqa) came over to the parental residence of the deceased (Saiqa Shafi Wanchoo) and threatened Kahkkashan Wancchoo (younger sister of Saiqa Shafi Wanchoo) that in case of any harm to him or his family he will not spare anybody. Sajid Hamid Sheikh threatened Kahkkashan Wanchoo of dire consequences. It is also evident that Sajid is trying to use influence and bribe to dilute the case and stop fair investigations.

26. Next door neighbor of Sajid, owner of Albeena boutique, Shahnawaz said, Akshay servant of Sajid jumped over the wall after midnight of 15th May, 2016 and informed him that something went wrong with Saiqa and she is lying on the ground. Shahnawaz hurriedly rushed to Sajid’s residence and saw that Saiqa’s body was lying flat on the path near the gate and Akshay and Sajid were dragging her trying to put her into the car.

27. Shahnawaz called four of his co-workers and Seven of them all lifted Saiqa’s body and placed in the back seat of the car.

28. Shahnawaz asked Sajid, shall he accompany him to the hospital, to which Sajid replied, okay he can follow them in his own car.

29. Sajid sat in the driving seat, his mother in the front seat and Saiqa’s body lying on the back seat of the car and he drove off to SMHS hospital which is more than 5 Kms from Rajbagh, leaving behind at least two good hospitals in his neighborhood in  Rajbagh.

30. Question arises if a life is to be saved then person will always approach the nearest hospital or doctors, Why was SMHS hospital chosen?, Which is very far off from Rajbagh.

31. When Shahnawaz reached SMHS hospital he saw Saiqa’s body was wrapped in white cloth and the on duty doctor had already informed the Police control Room about the suspicious death case.

32. Shahnawaz also saw that Sajid had already called up his younger sister Rosina and her husband Shabir and their two daughters to the SMHS hospital.

33. In the meantime, Gh Ahmed uncle arrived with his son Faheem and Saiqa’s nephew Mohammed at the SMHS hospital.

34. Till date the Autopsy reports are not out, nor has any action been taken against Sajid or his father, mother or servant or sister, by the Police.

35. We do not trust the laboratories in Jammu & Kashmir, Where it took more than 40 days to report the case.

36. We want all Visceral samples of Saiqa Shafi Wanchoo, after conducting DNA test, which will prove that the said samples are of Saiqa. Then the samples should  be sent outside J&K, which should be kept highly CONFIDENTIAL.

37. It cannot be forgotten that there are evidences and literature claiming that if the POISON given is VOLATILE / HIGHLY TOXIC / EXCRETED BY REPEATED VOMITING / OR EXHALED BY LUNGS, There will be NO TRACES LEFT IN THE ORGANS / TISSUES.

38. We also request that Sheikh Sajid Hamid, his brother in law Shabir and sister Rosina, as well as his father and mother Sheikh Hamidullah and Zubaida respectively, including domestic help Akshay, should undergo ' LIE DETECTING TEST'.

39. We also request that Akshay servant of Sajid who can be an important witness in this case should not be allowed to leave the city of Srinagar (J&K).

40.  Sheikh Sajid Hamid should not be allowed to leave the country or the state of J&K till the probe is on.

 Hence we request you to carry out a fair Probe into this case without further delay.

We want justice and demand answers.


Kahkkashan Wancchoo (Sister of Saiqa)

Mehbooba Shafi Wanchoo (Mother of Saiqa)


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