Justice for Every Rape Victim

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People have turned into animals! The increasing rate of rape cases in India is a warning to all of us. No woman is safe here. Even children below 10 and old age people above 60 are in danger!  

We are still struggling with making the citizens understand that women are human beings too and they should not be treated as a sex toy just for their pleasure.

The reason behind increasing rape cases is our country's poor judicial system! If every criminal is actually taken into custody and punished harshly, if there is strictness in the rules and regulations, then people will definitely think thrice before doing any crime.

More than that if people will raise voice against injustice or any  crime then not only rapists but other criminals will be punished too. There are so many criminals because they are not afraid of anyone but they should be. And they will be only if the government will take strict actions.

Sign this petition to raise your voice for justice for EVERY rape victim. No matter what religion or caste they belong to, rape is a crime and rapists should be punished and victims deserve justice.

The only reason rape happens is because rapists exist.