Justice for Christopher Josey

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Please help me, speak up and stand up for my brother Christopher Josey who was shot and killed in New Orleans (first district) on May 12, 2014. The police were called to the scene for a reported shoot out. In less than 5 minutes of the dispatch call, Chief coroner investigator John Gagliano was at the scene. Within moments of his arrival, he changed this case to a suicide instead of a homicide and it was closed. (Gagliano has signed over 11,000 death certificates in NOLA) yet he is not a doctor.
NOPD followed and closed this case as a suicide. NOPD and the state of Louisiana have ignored our FOIA requests to release the recording of the 911 call that occurred that day. There was no evidence taken at the scene, there were no autopsy photos taken of Christopher. NOPD refused to investigate what happened to my brother any further. My brother phoned my father an hour before his death in panic, telling him “I told you they were going to kill me, I have to keep moving” My family has been lied to, and told to keep quiet by Sgt. Peter Anche, detective Kelly Morel, Lt. Ronnie Stevens and the former coroner at the time Frank Minyard. NOPD wanted us to be silent and believe the stories they were feeding my family. We reached out to some people in hopes of reopening this case, instead they were threatened by NOPD and told not look into this anymore. They claimed there was a video proving the suicide but refused to show us....later on we find out it never existed. They claimed Christopher shot and killed himself once under the chin, while there were 2 gunshot wounds: one to his cheek and another to the back of his head. There’s so many more details occurring around his death, I have 504 phone numbers of who my brother was contacting with prior to his death, My brother was running, I need help in bringing my family some peace, closure and justice. Help me make someone speak up about this! NOPD is under a federal consent decree which is implemented to monitor the police departments corrupt actions! THIS IS WHY. Thank you for sharing already ❤️ It’s my mission to make sure I find out what happened to my brother and that the NOPD crookedness is brought to light. It doesn’t just end with cops killing us, many people with power are oppressing us and shutting us up. #justiceforchristopherjosey #ivehadenough and I’m coming for NOPD.