Justice for BANYAMULENGE people

Justice for BANYAMULENGE people

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Started by Ndarishize Olivier

First I thank God and you for giving me this opportunity to express my petition. My name is Ndarishize Olivier l am turning 20years in April 2022...I was born in small village known as Gahwera in South Kivu in DRCONGO. 

My petition is about to stop war in my country and promote peace. My country has 450 tribes and I came from that is known as BANYAMULENGE. Being Munyamulenge is my identity that is who am I and proud of being Munyamulenge. But the "Maji Maji"rebels are killing our fathers, brothers,mothers and sisters being also rapped in the eyes of the DRCongo government! Surprisingly is that soldiers from the government that are sent to promote peace they are also involved in killing of BANYAMULENGE chasing us out of the country calling Rwandes yet we are national Congles!

Our ancestors have been in Congo since the time of colonies...before even Africa was divided into countries. Congo was named when our ancestors were in the country...so how are we not Congles! 

All we need is justice to BANYAMULENGE we have right to live like others we have right to get education not just being killed rapping our mothers and sisters and burning up our poor villages. We would be happy if we receive your support. 


8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!