IP Ban Cristali & Zafiro Toon from YouTube

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Cristali &  Zafiro Toon,  old name Valdroxx Studio, is a 19 year old adult man who's actual name is David Alesso Argueta, who pretended to be a teenage girl with a sexy furry oc.

On deviantArt.com, he went by VioletCristali, he stalked a animator known as Rossali, has taken several of her pictures she drew of her oc,  David drew over her pictures, tracing the clothes off the character, making nsfw out of the pictures. Rossali told him to stop, that she didnt want porn of her characters, David snobbly used "rule 34" as a excuse to not listen to her, spammed her with more of the unconsentual porn of her oc that he traced, she kept begging him to stop, he blackmailed her that even if she deleted her accounts, he's still do it, had her IP adress, her personal information.  The d.a. staff got news of what he was doing, IP banned his account, took down the images. Not to mention he profitted from those images on his Pateron. 

He continues to steal artwork, claim it as his own. Many people debunked him on the art being original, being traced over,  even if caught, he lies about it, claims the original artist traced him, which can easily be proven wrong if you find uploaded dates, put the original over David's.  

He claims his "animations", " art" are child friendly, but he constantly over sexualizes his main oc Zafiro, tags "sexy furry" "boobs" "r34" "zafiro sexy" which is not at all child friendly. He has "animated" Zafiro twerking multiple times, which is a form of dancing made to be sexual,  he "draws" Zafiro almost naked alot. He has snuck in full on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic porn into his banners, intros, has been caught, so changed it, but there are place where you can still find them, see for yourself.  In one of his recent videos, he snuck in satanic messages and symbols, it happens very fast, but if you slow it down in time, you can see it perfectly. It even scared his fans, said "are you trying to cast a spell on me?". Hell, in the full version of his Floppy Ears meme, if you pause it at the right time, a hidden message saying " stupid memes. I have your attention. Share this video now, or die". Holy hell, David... Putting in disturbing imagary is a form of art, but what he is doing isnt art, he is sneaking in satanic, evil, manipulative messages. 

His content is not at all, child friendly like he claims. 

He went around bragging about how Huion gave him a artist tablet for free as a gift, but Huion said they never even heard of him, have no idea who he is. So why would a company give away a expensive as crap tablet to a person they don't know of? He did not get that tablet for free, he purchased it. 

He scams his fans, does contests promising to give the winner a Nintendo Switch with Splatoon 2, but never announces the winners, never gives anyone the prize. He charges people $50 for "special r34 zafiro gift for you" on patreon, and fans had come out saying he never gave them their reward. He charged one person twice, making them pay $100 for Zafiro porn. 

Total rip off, because A: he traces literally all his art, none of it, not one piece is actually drawn by him.  B: that is way too much money just to see porn of a character. C: he posts them on his nsfw twitters anyway. 


He has 2 nsfw twitter accounts, the first one was hacked by someone, changed his password so he couldnt log back in. But he made a new one. On his original nsfw twitter, he truly showed his true colors. He bribed his underaged fans with porn of Zafiro if they ruined the lives of those showing proof of what he was doing, ranted on them, calling them " rats". However, he was caught.  

He nags his fans for nudes, was caught 4 times doing it. The first victim was a 13 year old girl named Liema Cat, she just wanted to collab with him, loved his art, memes, was happy to do a collab with him. But then he started asking her for nudes, she said "you don't care I'm 13, right? ",  " no. Why you ask?" being his response. He asks literally anyone collabing with him for pictures of themself IRL,  nudes of themself. If they say no, he lashes out, screams, cusses, gives you death threats, cancels the collab, blocks you.  

If he sees a video exposing him, he falsely reports the video for copyright. He deletes comments in his videos exposing him too. He also makes jokes about people exposing him, ranting about him being molested by their father, uncle, or teacher. 

Emi Matsuno called him out in DMs, where he admitted to only wanting money, fame, fanart, hating his own fans. He admitted to using bots, explaining why his youtube sub count is so high, gets higher so fast. He admitted to tracing over pictures, said "the childrens believe everything I say xD". He has traced over two of her images, denied it, but he admitted to a ex fan of his that he did indeed do it. He falsely reported her videos on YouTube, getting her channel suspended twice, admitted he was trying to get rid of Emi, and wanted her to get so depressed that she would kill herself. And Emi is a 14 year old girl. 


David is also sexest. A fan drew him a piece of art of Zafiro, David said he didnt like it because Zafiro was fat and ugly when she was portrayed pudgy in the fanart. He harassed, bullied, called Emi Matsuno a lonely thot because she draws porn for herself as a form of art practice. Meaning he is one of those jerks who bullies women for drawing porn, but kisses male porn artist's feet, and has unrealistic hollywood standards for women, only cares about girls being hot, doesnt actually like them as a person. 

He made a Amino made to worship him, he banned mods for absoultely no reason. He bans, blocks his own fans. Another ex fan of him said David privately told her that his fans actually all annoy him, he actually hates all of them. David calls them " family" as a manipulation trick, to make them feel like he loves them, cares for them, but he really does not. 

He also lied saying he move to Canada, but he really does not.  He said he moved because the police got information on him, heard about him exposing millions of children to porn, said they were going to investigate him. David is clearly trying to hide from the cops because he knows what he is doing, knows if he gets caught, he will go to jail.He just took pictures of Canada from Google Images  

He was banned by YouTube once, but on Twitter he cried like a 5 year old not getting candy at the grocery store, acted like he was the victim, got his channel back. 

Recently he made threatening posts on his 2nd nsfw twitter saying he planned on leaving his country to "visit some rats",  meaning he planned on tracking down anyone who ranted about him, exposed him for who he really is, to either injure, rape, or murder them. He forgot everyone who knows the truth about him knows what he actually looks like, his full name. 

There was a rumor that he got arrested for his crimes, I wanted to believe that, but I wasn't going to until I saw proof like reports, mug shots, etc. But he posted a new collab on his channel, meaning he was not arrested, is still very active  


He needs to lose his channel, accounts for good. This evil, lying, manipulative, theiving, toxic man need to be stopped. 



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