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The Officer Anthony Thompson Scholarship Foundation (OATSF).  OATSF was founded in 2017 following the tragic transition of Anthony Thompson after being killed by a drunk, Wrong-Way Drunk Driver.  

Intoxication is not only the result of drinking alcoholic beverages, but also includes the use of marijuana, prescription drugs and illegally obtained drugs.  Our current legislation allows

for a driver to drive when their blood alcohol level is under .08 blood alcohol content (BAC). At this rate, coupled with the legalization of the use of marijuana, it is safe to assume the numbers will continue to increase. Join us as we fight to prevent more needless deaths at the hands of intoxicated, and/or wrong-way drivers.  Let us begin by adding spike strips to every major freeway exit in Southern California and by changing our current vehicle operator legislation.  In addition to decreasing the legal BAC limit to .05 By signing THIS petition you will Bring awareness regarding Wrong-Way Driver alerts and spike strips.  

The SPIKE STRIPS will be placed on freeway exits to immobilize Wrong-Way driver vehicles upon entry. In addition, we would add an Anthony’s alert which alerts drivers someone is driving or entered the freeway the wrong way. Trust me, if Anthony would have received an alert on his phone it’s a possibility he would be alive today. As a mother, I should not  have had to  bury my ONLY SON due to an irresponsible act caused by another human being. Through it all, I had to forgive the young lady who collided head-on killing, Anthony. She died at the scene of the accident. My heart goes out to her family. 

Anthony Thompson was a remarkable young man who lost his life because of our failure to stop the effects of wrong-way drivers.  Anthony was a son, brother, friend, nephew, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department employee and loved by all, including the inmates he supervised.  It’s unfortunate his life ended in such a tragic and senseless manner, but with your help, we can save many more lives.  Let’s be proactive and not wait until another tragedy occurs. Let’s fight and get those spikes!