Help and Save Covid Positive Expectant Mothers

Help and Save Covid Positive Expectant Mothers

8 May 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by To The Rescue NGO!


We would like to take this platform to introduce ourselves and put little light on the situation around. We are a group of volunteers who are trying our best to help people fighting covid-19 by arranging all necessary resources for them.

This is to bring in to the notice so people could be aware of the scenarios where the health of expectant mothers is being blatantly ignored causing loss of not one but two lives at a time. A lot of them are suffering because of lack of resources available in the hospital - ventilator, ICU beds or oxygen cylinders. The one's which are already hospitalized are not given proper care due to lack of facilities. Sharing a very recent incident that happened with the family whom we tried to help.

A 30 year old mother who had delivered a premature beautiful soul lost her wonderful life on 1st May 2021.

On 30th April, she was asked to be shifted from Sunrise Hospital after she had an emergency cesarean to a better facility so that her life could be saved as per Doctors report to the family.

After best of efforts and all possible resources including help from Government the family couldn’t find an ICU bed with ventilator. She was critical and was on ventilator and we were made hopeful that changing the hospital will actually save her life not knowing the harsh consequences of it. Although we also requested Sunrise and Govt to equip themselves to handle the case and we were assured that she is currently the Top Most Priority in the hospital and she is stable.

Dr. Nikita Trehan, owner of Sunrise Hospital founded the bed at Vimhans on 1st May 11 am and they happened to send their ventilator and Doctor at Vimhans and informed us just in time and pressurize us to hurry up. We(Family) were questioned by doctors and hospital staff on requesting for the shift of the patient but we still trusted Dr. Nikita Trehan.

The family present at Sunrise and doctors were informed and asked to wait till the time they get heads up from Vimhans they should not move the patient. Suddenly, without any prior notice/ dispatch summary they brought the patient’s stretcher down on Bipap and shoved her in the ambulance so harshly that her ventilator pipe also came off. There was no breathing movement on her face, lips were black and she was in bad state. The family members got angry and tried to stop and record the same. When Dr. Nikita saw recording she called off the staff and said “Ye video bana rahi hai is aurat ka phone todo” she snatched the phone brutally from her. Her male staff attacked and snatched the phone and unfortunately deleted few videos. “If Dr. Nikita Trehan was sending the patient in good act why did she panicked on a small video”
She panicked because she knew the patient has died and she wanted to close the matter this way.

BUT WHY? We were not informed about any updates from the hospital. Also she kept making a fool of us to look for an Tertiary ICU Unit when she already knew the patient will not survive.

On arrival, Vimhans staff didn’t know about the admission of the patient. Dr. Amit from Sunrise Hospital denied to shift the patient as the SPO2 level was a concern and also was making it quick to discharge the patient from his hospital. The patient was moved to ICU but there was no doctor to attend her. Vimhans doctors when finally examined the patient - informed us the patient was brought "Dead" and the death has happened 18-22 Hours before. The family was shocked with this horrified news. The doctors also informed Dr. Nikita not to shift the patient as it is too risky to remove her from the current hospital setup but she denied to listen and succeeded in her endeavour of saving her Hospital’s Name. Sunrise Hospital, Kailash Colony to be banned from taking such cases, they should be held responsible for such act and putting the families through absolute hell.

Sharing the information through signing up the petition, so tomorrow you could be informed and updated on what is happening with your patient inside the hospital room. The family is still in deep grief and shock on what and how this had happened in the span of 72 hours.

What did this new mother do, just wanting to protect her child not knowing the cruelty she was entering into?

Life will never be the same for all of us- A wound that will never quite heal.

Stay Safe, Save Lives!

To The Rescue (NGO) !!

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Signatures: 658Next Goal: 1,000
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