Gordonton intersection causing havoc and heartache

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The intersection of Thomas and gordonton has been set up thoughtlessly. there needs to be some sort of new set up. Wether it be traffic lights or a round about. Just something. 

Last year someone I knew, sadly ended up in hospital as a result. He isn't the first and he wouldn’t be the last.

Since last years incident, there have been multiple crashes at the intersection. Just yesterday, Friday 20th July there was another crash. This time taking a young life to soon. 

Last year Hamilton city council released that it would be putting traffic lights in place due to the amount of people asking for the intersection to be changed and the crash toll.

Today there are still no new traffic lights or changes, yesterday someone passed away.

I never thought a petition was something I'd ever start,  however I was overwhelmed by the staggering amounts of people commenting on "stuff" posts and "nzherald" too. About how they too, have had an accident there before or a dangerous experience.

Members of the public who live in the area, have gone out of their way to put their own warning signs up. Going the extra mile to try and make that intersection safer. Because they see first hand the amount of crashes around this intersection.

I atleast strive for awareness of the intersection. For People to realise it’s dangers and take more care.

The council has again said there will be new traffic lights going in, October 2018. However I’m scared that again nothing will be done about this dangerous corner. 

So My goal is to get as many people as I can to agree and get behind this.

Lights should be put in place.

And maybe a push from our community will help make sure something happens �✨ 

-My heart goes out to Individuals, families & friends affected✨ Thinking of you all. X