Put Ray Gibson Back on FB; Force FB employees to LEAVE HIM ALONE! #Justice4KingRay

Put Ray Gibson Back on FB; Force FB employees to LEAVE HIM ALONE! #Justice4KingRay

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#Justice4KingRay Facebook'ing While Black

Restore Ray Gibson’s Facebook account, get employees to stop harassing him, and apologize for isolating & ostracizing the man.  Since 2016, employees of that platform have been doing everything to this Black man’s account, disrupting his life, and the lives of thousands of people (if not more).  The only apparent crime he has committed is to exercise his Freedom of Speech, 1st Amendment Right to speak his mind wherever he wants to.  Mostly in mixed-race groups, and to keep him from promoting his book or YouTube videos, they kept putting him in their group-jail toy.

They even kicked him off the platform for a day for giving a friend a nasty-funny “Halloweenie” meme in his inbox and have been deleting posts off his timeline.  The problem with this is that he is an international mentor, business owner with a presence on that platform, chosen father of many around the world, a family man, educator, our leader, a veteran of the armed forces, and a friend to many people.  He is up to big things and was wasting his time fighting ghost employees, way too often.  Using the internet, he helps people all over the world, but especially in the U.S., get a great many details of their life handled.

Ray Gibson is a great guy, funny, serious, smart, and was starting to get a bigger presence on that platform.  Perhaps the government made him go away; maybe they didn’t want him doing what many do on that platform with impunity … we don’t know or care!  They don’t apply community standards across-the-board fairly, and they are way too vague.  We have a copy of what they said to him on August 8, 2019 and to this day, none of us understands anything, except an employee in New York, NY (or employees) had it in for him. 

This is what a doctor at the VA had to say to him on August 6, 2019, when he sent a link of one of his Medium articles to her:


Dear Mr. Gibson,

Thank you so much for sending me your words to read. It is a beautiful piece that is both a commentary on the intolerance and ignorance in our society but also the resilience of the human spirit. You are the embodiment of courage and perseverance and I wish you nothing but Everything you want and deserve. I hope for the best for your father's medical concerns and am glad to know you guys are more of a united front than others believe.

I am glad to know you are well Mr. Gibson - and apparently in the midst of very important and fulfilling work! Thank you again for sending me your article.
It was my pleasure to read.

Warmest regards


Does this look like the kind of guy who is as much of a trouble-maker as those FB employees made him out to be?  NO!  They made a terrible mistake.  Then again, you can watch this video and you may have some idea why FB has become a major bully around the world; so have many other things!  Hit with discrimination lawsuits of employment, they are doubly crazy about its users, who have no recourse when things like this happen.  We think it's also a sexist move on their part, as witnessed by this; because Ray is loud, proud, and doesn't hold back!

Maybe they think he's a Louis Farrakhan, who was also banned from that platform?  Ray Gibson is not a Muslim, practices no man's religion, and what are they doing anyway?  At least they had the respect to tell Farrakhan why he was banned.  They've said nothing to Ray.

We also don’t care that Facebook is a privately-owned business.  That business deals with human lives & social circles and is quite different than a privately-owned business dealing with products or services.  They are in the business of manipulating people, are the largest social media platform in the world, the fastest and with the most information.  With 2.4+ billion daily users and over 35,000 employees, it is uncanny that they have picked him out of a crowd and targeted him unjustly. Those employees could be hiding any place in the world! Facebook has to follow the law, too

It’s also unfair that Facebook employees keep targeting black people who are a threat to white nationalism, or ones who disrupt their comfort zone of privilege.  They crippled his groups at times, wouldn’t let him give himself a nickname (between his first/last legal name), and during the month of February 2018, they put him in group-jail 4 times that month for 5 days at a time.  Never telling him what he did wrong, employees were stalking him, haunting him, and never saying anything while hacking his account.  The most he got out of them is that they won’t tell him why they deleted him ... for safety/security reasons.  He's the one who needed psychological safety & security from those people.  Something about violating standards too much, but never told him which ones he violated.  The were violating his right to free-speech!

No, they’re protecting their behinds from a civil rights law suit and they did this just because they didn't like him or his politics?  How dare they!  You do realize that FB performs psychological testing of users to keep them addicted to that platform?  I suppose because Ray used his time wisely there and was using that place more than it was using him, they got rid of him.  He refused to boost his Pages, so FB could steal his money when they chose to shut it (or him) down?  They've done it to far more popular people there.  Hey, maybe they were afraid he would become more popular than their jealousy would tolerate.  What a piece of work FB employees are.

Senators and House of Representatives need to create a bill that prevents FB employees from stalking & harassing users the likes which they have Ray Gibson.  Human Rights Campaigns need to step up to the plate. Seems to us that this is a horror film, worse than George Orwell’s 1984 book & MGM movie.  Who are these people?  The 'thought-police'?  Bad case of "Big Brother" syndrome, giving employees too much power & control!  Is FB applying foreign policy standards of NO Freedom of Speech on Americans, like it was discovered about Google & YouTube (link removed for phobic reasons)?  Ray has evidence of everything they have done to him and is seeking justice.  He thinks everyone has abandoned or forgotten about him.  LET'S SHOW HIM WE HAVEN'T!

Since they loved using their group-jail toy on him, the last thing he did in groups (besides make benign comments) was to post pices of his story on Medium into certain kinds of groups.  Was this some hetero-normative thing?  He is the son of a very famous man, and perhaps they didn't want him using that fact to get marginalized people a bit of visibility in this country. Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

Anyway, we love him; we want and need him back!  RESTORE RAY GIBSON’S ACCOUNT and “Cease and Desist” harassment by the employees of Facebook against him.  Their policies are using the same legal jargon that Google/YouTube is using, where they enforce Foreign Hate Speech laws and oppose Free Speech in the United States.  Even worse, they are operating inside of anti-trust issues, crossing the line at will with their unconscionable agreements with users of the platform.  Mark Zuckerberg should apologize to the man personally, reprimand his employees and put a leash on his hound-dogs in New York City, NY!!!

Taken out of Ray's article, here's what some FB employee said:

Hi Ray,

We’ve determined that you are ineligible to use Facebook. To learn more about Facebook’s policies, please review the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities:

<Useless Link Here>

Unfortunately, for safety and security reasons, we can’t provide additional information as to why your account was disabled. We appreciate your understanding, as this decision is final.



Community Operations

NO, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND! There are eligibility criteria? Do they interview people for social media? This is absurd and they’re protecting their butts with obscurity! Psychological warfare, I tell you…

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