Fire Aria Finger & others from DoSomething​.​org

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Aria Finger has promoted racist, biased, and discriminatory messages which are inconsistent with DoSomething's mission to be anti-racist, support young people to be positive change makers in the world and support our staff. She has a long standing history of racial abuse from her position as COO and CEO at working under and in collaboration with Nancy Lublin. She has continued to promote this behavior throughout DoSomething's culture and policies, DESPITE best intentions to promote DEI training.

As the CEO, Aria makes decisions for DoSomething. Her decisions have determined how and where our message is spread, along with which communities get the privilege of seeing those messages relate to them. Aria has acted on her own biases and without the best interest of DoSomething's staff and audience. She has not led with kindness. She has not led with empathy. As a direct result of her actions and the inaction of leadership, members of the BIPOC community have been ostracized, mistreated, and forced to publicly take action in order to hold her accountable.

The DoSomething Board of Directors must act IMMEDIATELY and fire Aria Finger. There are several actionable steps that DoSomething can and must take to better commit to a mission of anti-racism. The firing of Aria Finger is only the first small step in this process.

An immediate interim CEO named and 90 day transition plan delivered with the naming of that individual to ensure current staff members are supported throughout the search and current impactful work keeps momentum. 

We are also asking Vacate the five board seats that have been held for the entirety of the Nancy Lublin - Aria Finger history. You knew about the actions of these leaders and did nothing to stop their abuse and normalized Aria’s behavior:

  • Steve Buffone
  • Matt Diamond
  • John Faucher
  • Icema Gibbs
  • Raj Kappor
  • Fire Karen Goldfeder, an additional executive staff member who perpetuated these abuses against Black and brown staff members.

With expectation, 

- Former & Current Anti-Racist Employees at