f(x) are absent since 2015 we need a comeback this year

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 {Sorry my english isn't well but i'll try to express} Hi, im a MeU (fx fan) since 2013, I've been in love with the four members year after year ! But on 2015 f(x) made their successful album "4walls" we were happy and glad seeing the f(4) doing their super top effort on the korean stages after the departure of sulli and the problems of a sister of krystal with the current label SM ENTERTAINMENT! They do their best ! The album was too successful with the to high sales of SM tahat yeae ! In 2016 the company release a music video of f(x) from SM STATION and it was called "All mine'' its produced by AMBER JOSEPHINE LIU (The rapper of the group) then they made thei first concert ever after about 8 year of hard work while the other band with less effort get their concert, lightsticks and fandom name in their first 5 years !! This show how INJUSTICE sm entertainment is -_- then the concert was very successful and sold out quickly which show how much f(x) are a super talented girl group ! After that ! f(x) as group has disappeared!  F(x) perform at MAMA 2016 with only 3 members ! Victoria is totally absent since 2017 till 2019 ! from 2017 to now SM Just keep shut our mouth by revealing some stations from ''SM STATION". she made LUNA's solo career with the worst financing and promoting compared to other SM SOLO ARTISTS!! Taeyeon got the best while Poor Luna get the worst wtf! Amber too ! Krystal would like to be a solo artist but SM keep sleep on her talent and beauty ! Victoria decide to go to her hometown china and make her own studio because if she don't get this step she will be forgotten in this company! She start financing herself by working on her ass ! And she became one of the successful and famous female ladies in china ! Luna always say that she also wanna get another experience with f(x) with a new comeback but they cant. Why? No one know why !! SM keep saying that the members are busy but it's not true ! It's SMTOWN and if she wanna make her artist off of her individual activities and make a comeback she can because its SM !! Sorry SM but MeUs aren't stupid ! And now we were happy to see f(x) as a complete band in SMTOWN LIVE IN TOKYO AUGUST 2019 ! but this company come and apology because it can't bring VICTORIA because of her busy schedule ! Wtff!! We wanna see f(x) SM !! Red velvet got about 2 or 3 comebacks a year ! F(x) no comeback since 2015 ! Where is the justice? The worst company eveeer...pfff i hope f(x) will depart from it and join another company can treat them with their true value! 



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