Justice for asifa.The whoever was involved in the crime should be punished like a hell.

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After this thing no girl, women would dare to live her house instead she will be scared and can't go out freely.Those people who always does the crime and gets free without any punishment,the people women girls should have authority to kill that scoundrels instead waiting for high Courts decision ,women and girls should be given powers that they can kill the who tries to rape her or do anything to her.And now talking about asifa those people who hurted her ,raped her and Killed her should be punished like a hell and I think they should be hanged for the death instead of waiting for judges order they should treated as hungry animal without getting food water nothing should be given not even clothes so that they can feel what they did actually killing and raping they seems that they had done huge thing that makes other proud but sorry to say people in India won't support this thing and they should be hanged as soon as possible 

Its  a Humble request, now it was asifa next can be anyone we need to take strict action so no one can dare to do such bastered things.