Don't let Asifa die like this. Bring justice to her

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Everyday we see some type of bad incidents happening around us but no one tends to speak about that matter. Few days back a girl named Asifa was brutally gangraped and after that she was murdered in A horrible way.and the disgusting fact was that she was kept in the temple where people used to worship there god. That doesn't only put a question mark on god but also on humanity. Everytime I think about this incident, literally I gEt goosebumps every time. That's such an obnoxious thing that I get horrified by the feelings that how someone can do this type of work, of killing and allegedly raping an 8 year old girl. That's a shame for those people who are still silent after getting this news. We need to restrain ourselves from this never ending silence and do some work so we can bring justice for asifa. Please vote for this petition.