Do you actually know where your donations go?

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How would you feel if the money you’re donating isn’t actually going to the direct service? In fact it’s going towards the fundraising costs and expenses. It would be amazing if all your money is actually go to the direct service. The Children’s Hospital Foundation in Queensland is one of the main charities not sending enough money to their hospital. In 2016 the foundation received $21,811,858, minus expenses of $11,670,199. The foundation then only sent 26% of that to the direct service, (the hospital). Then they spent another 19% of the total revenue to fundraising costs. So if we compare those figures to another charity such as the Make a Wish Foundation. Their total revenue was only $10,228,924 being a smaller amount by $11,582,934 still didn’t matter, because they sent 60% of their total revenue to the actual foundation. From these results I have started a petition to raise awareness that not all charities are sending enough money to their direct service. My example of the Children’s Hospital Foundation in Qld is a prime example of this. So signing this petition would support my idea that charities need to send at least send 65% of their total revenue to their direct services.

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