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Crisis Management Bill second posting follow up

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From: Mr. John Kohl.
RE: Second Post Follow Up.
Thank you all for your response re my first posting. The major issue now being: To ensure the blazing spotlight of truth penetrates the propaganda fed to every voting Member of Parliament on the Crisis Management Bill {read BAIL IN}. The oligarchy banking mantra being, Banks come first and their only priority. Customers and all their equity is a disposable commodity for the survival of the bank. This has never been more in evidence {Oh dear Malcolm Turnbull is a merchant banker}. It is imperative these MPs understand their peers treacherous technocrat double speak {Orwellian Ministry of Truth} betrayal of the people. This Bill {crisis management bill} is solely for the one percent monetary oligarchy elite. Defeat this Bill by confirming your voting Member of Parliament understands GLAS STEAGALL BANKING and demand it making this Bill unnecessary. Please read the Citizens Electoral Councils web site and Australian Alert Service paper for the undisputable proof of the above. We the people are the power. Spread the power; spread the word to ignite this power NOW. And we remain respectfully yours. Mr. John Kohl.

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