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Adoptees are the most discriminated group in Canada, the United States, Ireland, Spain, and other nations but are the least recognized discriminated minority demographic. This discrimination doubles if the adoptee is a person of colour or a member of the LGBTPA community; tripling if all three.

The multibillion-dollar adoption industry has painted adoption to be nothing but an absolutely perfect act within a perfect system, but the truth is vastly different. By creating a section on for adoptee rights, just like there is a section for women's rights and LGBT rights, it brings the necessity for equality to the forefront of global societies and shows interested citizens what exactly us adoptees and natural parents are needing to achieve, and allows more people to join in a worthy cause.  A tab on for adoptee rights will also allow millions more to know that us adoptees are trying to achieve equality and need your help. For those new to on the side on the home page are various hyperlinks (tabs) such as women's rights, gay rights, immigration rights, and animal rights. When you click on them it brings those petitions right to the forefront making them easily accessible and getting millions of more views. If creates a tab on their home page for adoptee rights it means new petitions made for adoptee equality will be filed under that tab, and receive a lot more traffic and adoptee rights will be recognized by tens of millions of more people. 

Here are just some of the issues that need to be solved:

1. Ending the myth of birthparent privacy. Birthparent privacy is a sugar-coated phrase for asking one person (adoptee) to be the dirty secret of another person (natural parent), and therefore is mental and emotional abuse. Birthparent privacy does not exist because the original birth certificate is not sealed and kept hidden in nearly all places forever from the adoptee until the adoption is finalized. If a baby is given away for adoption but ends up growing up in foster care then he or she keeps his or her original birth certificate making privacy null and void. If it were about privacy it would have been sealed right at birth. Furthermore, within the United States, Kansas and Alaska have never sealed theirs, Alabama only for a few years, and Pennsylvania did not start until 1984. Nothing bad has happened in Alaska, Kansas, and Alabama by keeping them open. Pennsylvania only sealed starting in 1984 because the pro-life movement incorrectly thought it would lower abortions. Abortions did not lower in Pennsylvania by discriminating adoptees and today the pro-life movement of Pennsylvania regrets this. Adoption is not the answer to abortion (family preservation is) and the two are separate entities. Michigan did not seal their original birth certificates and adoption records until the early twentieth century when a senator did not want his two adopted children to trace their roots. New York sealed in the early 1900s when Senator Lehman didn't want to be caught redhanded in the fact he adopted a child through the human trafficker/child kidnapper Georgia Tann. While I speak about the United States in detail, one sees the same horror stories globally whether it's Spain, Greece, Ireland, or parts of Canada such as Nova Scotia and Quebec.

2. The need for an original birth certificate for all citizens in: Canada, the United States, Great Britain, Italy, Greece, France, Spain, and Australia to name a few. When an infant or child is adopted the amended birth certificate is a lie stating that the adoptive mother gave birth to her adopted child, even if the child isn't adopted until seven years old for example. Rapists, serial killers, and other people with antisocial personality disorder receive their original birth certificates but not the vast majority of law abiding, moral adoptees. In fact, within the United States the giving of the original birth certificates in nine states (minus redactions in New Jersey) but not the rest of the states is in fact a Federal crime under Amendment 14 Section I. Georgia Tann's human trafficking of babies ( ) the trafficking of babies between Canada and the United States ( and the selling of babies from Ireland into Canada and the United States post WWII until 1996 ( Philomena, (Magdalene Sisters, ) are reasons why most Canadian provinces and states in the United States refuse to unseal original birth certificates and adoption records. Birthparent privacy is a cover up. 

3. The Baby Scoop Era in Canada, Australia, Spain, Ireland and the United States when unmarried women, teenage girls, and even rape victims (and many rape victims want to keep their babies,and society needs to stop partially blaming rape conceived people for the crimes of their fathers) were handcuffed to hospital beds and drugged when signing relinquishment forms. Salvation Army of Canada, for example, stole rape conceived babies from mothers who wanted to keep them. Catholic Charities in the United States and the Catholic Church of Ireland also participated.    

4. End the ACLU's discrimination towards adoptees who feels they should remain a dirty secret and don't deserve full equality, along with the ACLU's inaccuracies towards adoptees, adoption and natural mothers.

5. Demand adoption agencies must release all biological family medical history to adoptees and if the adoptees are minors to their adoptive parents. An adoptive parent should not have to endure the anguish my own did not knowing their child's health history, and no adoptee should endure the discrimination and anguish I have faced as an adoptee. In fact, adoption agencies do not have to pass along medical information, even in life or death situations, if they do not feel like it even if the natural parents ask them to.

6. Address the extremely high rate of psychological problems of natural mothers post-adoption and of adoptees. Adoptees are four times more likely to attempt and commit suicide than non-adoptees. Adoptees are seventeen times more likely to have anxiety and/or depression than non-adoptees making nearly all adoptees survivors of anxiety and/or depression. Natural mothers post-adoption are twice as likely to develop an eating disorder, all suffer PTSD no matter how "necessary" they felt the adoption of their baby to be, and are three times more likely to become alcoholics and/or drug addicts even if they never abused beforehand. Natural mothers are also the biggest demographic of secondary infertility. Adoption agencies go so far as to provide "counseling" in which natural mothers are objectified and called the vessel or told they are a heroine for giving away their babies (and selfish if they keep them), and that they'll move on when married with "their own children" which is impossible on a physiological and psychological level. True, authentic counseling and other therapy treatments are needed for adoptees and natural parents away from the multibillion-dollar adoption industry.

7. Adoption affects not only the natural parents and adoptees but also kept siblings of the adoptee and future generations of the adoptee when the children of the adoptee (if biological) do not know their heritage, original family name, family medical history, and connection to biological family members. 

8. Ireland has opened original birth certificates only if the adoptees don't contact their natural parents. This needs to be removed by Irish citizens fighting for this, because it again has nothing to do with birthparent privacy but to continue covering up what the Catholic Church did in Ireland.

9. Adoption agencies in the United States use subtle language coercive tactics and other immoral practices. They lie and say that open adoptions work and are legally enforceable. No open adoption within the United States nor in Canada is legally enforceable. Open adoptions can and do close in North America, and conservative estimates state 75% close within five years although it's extremely difficult to find an accurate estimate. However, there are natural mothers out there speaking about how their open adoption closed (some are closed by the natural parent but this is rare). The pregnant mother is called a birthmother when pregnant in order to have her subconsciously think she is only good enough to give birth and/or to put her in a position where she feels she must give away her baby. They use phrases such as  "adoption plan" and "placed for adoption" instead of the truth that a mother is giving away her baby. They refer to a woman's baby as "the baby" instead of "your baby" to subconsciously have them separate from their own child, or they call it "your baby" and switch to "their baby" at the time of adoption. They allow the potential adoptive parents into the birthing room to guilt trip the new mother into not changing her mind. Adoption agencies and new adoptive parents will also wait past the time a mother can use to get her baby back, and often the baby is first put in foster care and written down as neglected so the mother and/or father can't get their own baby back. This is just the tip of the iceberg on these sinister practices.

10. Adoption agencies lure girls into giving away their babies by making them think that they are the ones in control. Adoption agencies find girls in schools, churches, and social media sites. In fact, in the United States a girl as young as thirteen years old can give away her baby without the knowledge and consent of a trusted adult in her life knowing and agreeing. These girls do not have their own lawyer present. Often a pregnant mother is told the lawyer paid for by the adoption agency is representing her, which is impossible but a common trick they use. 

11. Law abiding natural fathers in South Carolina and Utah can lose their babies to adoption if the baby's mother gives them away for adoption even if they signed the birth certificate. 

12. The adoption industry is not credentialed, is less regulated than the real estate industry of Canada and the States, and has no oversight opening up the ability for paedophiles to adopt (often from Asia) and for adopted children to be resold (called rehoming by the sugarcoating adoption industry) sometimes to paedophiles.

I could easily give another twenty issues to go over, but this gives the gist of why needs an adoptee rights section. This is not to be a section to promote adoption. If people are in a crisis pregnancy they can look to kinship care, Saving Our Sisters on Facebook, and legal guardianship. If people are wanting to adopt the children they fostered when said children were sent back to neglectful and/or abusive biological parents please put it in a different section of because people lump that type of adoption in with others. 

This is not to be a section to promote adoption. If people are in a crisis pregnancy they can look to kinship care, Saving Our Sisters  on  Facebook, and legal guardianship. If people are wanting to adopt the children they fostered when said children were sent back to neglectful and/or abusive biological parents please put it in a different section of because people lump that type of adoption in with others. This is simply not a section to promote "Help so and so adopt". This is a section to deal with issues like the reselling of adopted kids, the lack of family medical information, the PTSD and secondary infertility of natural (biological mothers), fathers whose babies were taken from them and adopted by selfish adopters, the extremely high adoptee suicide rate, and more. 


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