Corey Tabor's Most Recent Petition To Be Taken Down.

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Corey Tabor of Australia, along with 280 signers (current number at the time) seemed to share a dissatisfaction with the YouTube Content Creator idubbbz, and had created a petition after idubbbz had responded to a number of hateful comments from storytime Youtuber Tana Mongeau, one of many YouTubers he has criticized on his popular YouTube show Content Cop. In a recent episode, he had gathered evidence of Mongeau sporting her unique brand of exaggeration and hypocrisy contained in the content of her videos, which led up to the major climax of himself, through legal channels (him purchasing a VIP pass to a Mongeau event, and filming the entire encounter with Mongeau herself) proceeding to then create a slightly uncomfortable but hardly aggressive act of speaking a slang insult not directed at Mongeau, after which Mongeau had quickly walked away, and the event security proceeded to kick him out, and he left without aggression. Mongeau, after the encounter, in numerous videos, had branded idubbbz as a violent, unstable individual who had harassed her in a horrible manner, however the proof that idubbbz had provided completely disproves her claims. There is no reason to shut down idubbbz's channel; he simply exposed someone as a fraud after hateful comments were thrown his way. If you do not believe these words, the video is here for you by following this link: . Thank you for taking your time to read this and watch the video, and we hope you will consider. 

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