Cheating should be a crime

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Cheating is morally wrong, in all relationships including bf-gf relationships.

This is mental, emotional abuse. Its no different than physical assault. When you cheat someone you waste their time, make them hopeless, depressed often feeling suicidal. You destroy someone's life goals whose only intention was your well-being. Sometimes people put so much effort & time in a relationship, that cheating is punishable. 

Stealing is a crime, but cheating is stealing someone's hopes & dreams. Its worse than stealing someone's property without permission. Its like giving a fake identity of yourself, someone you prove in the beginning, you aint in reality. You do something you did not consent to do & broke the commitment, thats very wrong.  

Often cheaters are very self-defensive & continue to abuse others on the way which create a very negative environment for the victime & others. 

Firstly, raise your children that dishonesty & cheating is wrong. Stop defending them when they do somthing wrong with others. Stop giving them access to gadgets without teaching them to not mis-use. Wrong is wrong no matter who do it. Secondly, when you come across a situation, raise your voice against cheaters of all types. Discourage them. First warn them & take action when they don't change. Don't hide them. 

If someone is mis-using social network to cheat, they should be warned & repetition should result in ban.

The goal exactly is not to punish someone right away, but to make the awareness that the society will no longer tolerate cheating & stand by the victimes.

Every1 is someone's mother, daughter, sister & every1 is some1's father, son and brother. Treat others the way you will want to be treated.

People should stop putting responsibility on the victime, "she should had done this, not that". Its not the victim's fault that some1 was dishonest, & the damage done, cannot be un-done. 

"She should move on, leave him." That's not the solution. Being quiet does not mean the personne does not feel and nobody has the right to tell a victime how to feel. Ask, why it happened? Cheaters existe mainly because not enough people speak up against them & cheaters would not be as comfortable if they were under the notice from their family & friends & taking away privileges that aid them to continue the abusive behaviour. They are people who appear very nice in public but abusive in personne. Hence no matter how good someone seem to you, your own relative or friend & you find out they did something wrong, stop telling you don't have responsibility in the matter. You do. Your responsibility is Not to support it & speak up. Being a witness & not doing anything is just as bad. 

This does not mean we can stop cheaters. However, raising voices & taking actions can help to eliminate the rates of cheating & abusive relationships. 

While yes, you cannot be responsible for someone else's actions, you are indeed responsible for how you approach it. Ignorance is not the answer. 

I hope most can agree that cheating is wrong & do their part to help the matter. 

Thank-you! <3