Decision Maker Response’s response

Oct 21, 2015 — Hi Layla, thanks for your input, it’s really great to hear how much you value You seem like a direct kind of person and deserve a clear response: we have plans to change a lot of things on our website. Colors are not on that list.

We put a lot of effort in choosing our palette: red, because it’s a nearly universal symbol of passion and courage and ties in deeply with the spirit of deliberate action (like signing a petition;) white, to offset the red, for a hopeful and optimistic expression of courage; and black, for journalistic clarity in these words.

Every color comes with its own brand challenges, and benefits. Blue is the predominant color of the internet because it’s safe and agreeable. Red, on the other hand, comes with baggage. It means a lot of things to a lot of people. But at its base, in almost every interpretation all across the world, regardless of politics or relative cultural norms, it’s a strong color, associated with passion. I like that. I hope you do too.

Nate Kerksick
Design Director,