Cancel the Batwoman show

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I  believe most of comic book would agree that the batwoman trailer is just simply woeful and cringy. People are already trashing the show and rightly so. The critics and online review sites won't say a word, because hey are scared that if they criticize it, they would be termed as anti-feminists and against gender equality. But does everything has to revolve around these two subjects? The trailer is a disgrace to the batwoman character herself. The defining characteristic of a superheroes is their actions, not their gender. Go and watch Wonder Woman, watch Jessica Jones, and learn how good shows/movies are made on female characters. Fans love good characters, they don't care if they are male, female, black or white. Empowered women don't steal a man's lifetime's work and say "I won't let a man take credit for a woman's work". How about  a white man showing up and saying "The Black Panther's suit will be literal perfection if it fits a white man". That would be downright disgraceful and awful. Dialogue such as "Batman gave up on us", only makes it worse, because this is the antithesis of batman's character. Please sign this petition to cancel this show as I believe this is a disgrace not only to comic book fans, but to supporters of gender equality as well.