Canadians Against LUSH Cosmetics

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LUSH COSMETICS has been fighting against the Canadian economy to shut down the oil sands and prevent pipelines from being built. In the section “Charity Pot” on the LUSH website they are avid on stopping the Alberta oil sands industry. Previously in the past,  LUSH has also blamed the oil sands on the  Fort Mac fires that saw many lose their homes and prodigiously impact so many lives. 

Hypocritically, LUSH Cosmetics have no problem taking Albertan/Canadian consumer oil sand earned money. It is time to send a message to LUSH that Canadians do not want to support them anymore and should be boycotted as a result. With a hurting economy and hurting oil industry the last thing Canadians need is a retail company fighting against our economical prosperity.  

Avoid shopping at LUSH this holiday season and support your local small businesses instead!

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