An Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat to justice Everywhere.

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            Please allow me the opportunity to share my plea of injustice. My name Willie E.Polite. Institutional No.BU- 58 02, and I would like you the public to ask yourself this question, if I'm so guilty like the District Attorney's  office and the homicide detective say I am, what is the problem with releasing copies of "DNA REPORTS/FILES the DETECTIVES RECORDS/FILES AND NOTES"that was used against me at my public trial to convict me? To give you, the public, a brief history of this case and my continue fight within the criminal justice system for the last twenty-seven years of incarceration of wrongfully being convicted for murder I did not commit, and the continued Injustice I deal with within this court system. My fight for justice within Pennsylvania. On July 4th 1991 me and my alibi witness Ms. R Geathers the other woman in my life at the time of my arrest. That afternoon of July 4th 1991 we went down to Penn's Landing to see the fireworks and spent the day together, upon returning by the the"El" train we got off at 52nd and Market Street, and she went into the "Stop & Go store to pick up a six-pack of beer" after getting the beer we decided to stop by my friends house Mr. J.Johnson house to spend some time with him and his wife. We talked about the day and the fireworks at Penn's Landing we drank beer and smoke some weed, after leaving their  house me and Ms. R.Geathers went back to her house, she went in the house and I stayed outside talking with some people, when the conversation was over with the people I was talking to.I went into the house and we ended up having an argument and a brief fight  in which she ended up "scratching me on the left side of my face," after leaving her house I went home to" my common-law wife Ms.S Hearns" and she asked me where was I"?  I responded to her by saying I was out and she went back to sleep.The next day we found out that something bad happened to the deceased, in which I knew her. Their were cops and detectives going  around the community asking questions  door-to-door. When the detectives came to the house asking questions, if anybody knew anything about the deceased. I informed them that I knew the deceased and my family also, from "62nd and Horton Street" after that the detectives left around July 10th or July 11th 1991, they came back to the house and ask me questions again about the deceased, in which I told detective I answer these questions the first time that they requested me too, and my common-law wife Ms.S.Hearn's to go with them downtown to answer some question, we also had our daughter with us at the time, "she was 2 years old" we said okay because I didn't see a problem with it. After getting downtown to 8th and Race Street, the detective put me in one room and put my common-law wife Ms. S. Hearns's in another room with my daughter to answer some question, during this questioning that the detective ask me about scratch on the left side of my face.I told the detective that my common-law wife Ms. S. Hearns's  did it which was a lie because I didn't want her to know that I was with Ms.R. Geathers, on the 4th of July. After some time went by I found out that my common-law wife Ms.S. Hearn's was being threatened by the detective in the other room with taking our children from her and locking her up with me, if she didn't sign a statement that the detectives put together. saying I was the person that committed this murder I told him that I needed to see her and my child. The detective told me don't worry about her and your child because you are being charged with the deceased murder because I had a scratch on the left side of my face, and it came from the deceased The statement was made by the detectives and they also took pictures of my face with the scratch. I was convicted before I had a preliminary hearing or trail in the eyes of the detective.The detectives then took fingerprints, sample blood hair, samples and oral swab, to compare with the sample of the deceased to see if any evidence match me and put me at the scene of the crime. I informed the detectives that I didn't not commit this murder because at the time they were saying this murder took place, I was with Ms S. Geathers. and Mr. J. Johnson and his wife, these witness gave statements to the detective about my whereabouts but these statements were not submitted into evidence or presented to the court of the District Attorney office, never called these witnesses to testify to their statements given to Detective. they knew because my trial lawyer Mr. John B Albert Esquire presented The "Alibi notice of Defense" but never called these witness.The only reason the prosecutor didn't call them is because their statement would have cleared me of this crime. Ms. R. Geathers was one of my alibi witness and was interviewed by detective and gave a statement to my whereabouts but, she was threatened as well by the detectives after I was arrested and charged with first-degree murder I was transferred to Philadelphia County Prison to await preliminary hearing during this wait my witness was threatened by detectives, and Mr. L.Johnson one of my alibi witness was interviewed by detective at his home because I gave the detectives his information and address when they visit them at their home, but detectives were given statements by Mr. J. Johnson and his wife at the time we went to the preliminary hearing on August 22nd 1991 before judge Simmons Mr. J Johnson and his wife was never called or subpoena by the prosecutor office but the other witness was threatened. judge Simmons stated on the record to the prosecutor office that there was no case and they had no evidence to hold me for trial and to get this case out of his courtroom after judge Simmons told the prosecutor they found another judge and had the case transferred to his court room, which this judge said we are going to hold you for trial on the murder charges. They then put the witness on the stand to testify to their statement that was given to the detectives  these witness testified on the stand under  oath that they were threatened by the detective and the prosecutor and the prosecutor's office to give these statements, and if they didn't testify to the statements they were going to be locked up with me and their children taken away from them. To the public I really need you to understand what I'm about to say and this really happened in the courtroom we went in front of Judge Juanita Kidd Stout my trial judge and before we started trial Judge Stout looked over the paperwork and said on record that the district attorney did not have a case, and then the detective in  the case said to judge Stout  let me talk to you in the back room, and when they returned from the back room judge Stout said I will take the case and we are going to trial, like I said before I was in the courtroom by threatening witness using recanted statements and testimony of witnesses by locking up Witnesses in the courtroom because they didn't say what the district attorney wanted them to say and taking the 5th Amendment on the stand because there was no evidence in this case to take me to trial just recanted hearsay testimony of witnesses The trial started on March 27th 1992, and the prosecutor called a witness Ms. D Philips to the stand to give testimony she is a friend of the decease and her testimony showed that on July 5th 1991 Ms.D Phillips went to the home of the deceased (N.T.3/ 24/19 p 36-37). Since the door was unlocked she entered into deceased residents to find Blood on the wall and the deceased body in the living room. (N.T.3/ 24/92 p.37). The deceased Resident was search by detective Frank Jastrzembski there was crack vails found on the kitchen area of the residence  (N.T 3/25/92 p.83) there was blood on the floor and walls in the deceased body was found in the living room. (N.T.3/25/92 p. 84). Knives and  beer cans found on the premises tested negative for blood and fingerprints.(N.T.3/25/92 p.97) also no blood was found on the door knob to the only exit in the residence (N.T.3 /25/92 p.104) we all know that in the United States of America every house has a front and back door detective interview people in the community, that detective also interviewed a man that lived in the back of the deceased house this information was never revealed to defense counsel or court, with all this testimony no evidence points to me. My mother Miss polite went around the community asking questions about what had happened and if anybody seen anything or knew anything and she ran into a man that work on cars in the back of the house where the deceased live and got into a conversation, about what happened, and how I was arrested for her murder, he inform my mother that he knew me and that I was not the person he seen coming out the her house he told my mother that he told the detectives that they arrested the wrong man because he seen the people that came out of that house and I was not one of them that came out of the house, when my mother asked him will he testify on my behalf he said yes so she told him that she was going to get in touch with my trial lawyers J.B Elbert Esquire and give him the information so he could be interview and give his statement to what he seen and that he talked to detectives. He was okay with that but when we got back in touch with him he said no because he was being threatened by the detective and the District Attorney office they had come out to see him and they told him if he talked to my lawyer and give a statement that he will not see his son again for a long time and to mine his own business and say nothing. The trial lawyer John B Albert Esquire never interviewed him or never went and seen my alibi witness my trial or never put an investigator on the case to interview anybody not even Mr. J. Johnson or his wife to take statements backing up my story that they were my alibi witness and I was with them at the time they say this crime took place and I could not have committed this crime. The prosecutor case rested upon threats, Coercion, and recanted testimonies of my Witnesses, the prosecutor new these witnesses were going to recant it testimony before hand, the preliminary hearing and again at trial. They were informed Face to Face by these witnesses but, because the prosecutor an the detective in this case had no witness of their own to testify they made my witness their witness by threats and the taking of their children, to take the stand and testify against me.They put these witness on the stand to make them look bad to the jury, like every witness was lying for me when they was told before Hand by the witnesses that they were going to recanted statements these statements that were taken by detectives where my Witnesses and these same witnesses indicated either that I told them that I stabbed the deceased.N.T. 3/25/ 92 p. 125, 215, 197,- 200; 3/26/92 P. 265) When these witness were called as  witnesses at the preliminary hearing and again at trial to testify for Prosecutors office they recanted their statements given to the detection as stated on the record that they had lied to the detectives because they were  threaten so they made up portions of their  statement (N.T. 3/ 25/92 p.120-186,194-195, 215-216, 197; 3/26/92 p.260). Some of the witnesses testified that they had been threatened by the detectives at the time they were interviewed and giving their statements to detectives (N.T. 3/25/ 92 p.131-133 3/26/92 p.260-261) Detective William Danks Arthur Mee, and Thomas Perks testified to the contents of the statement  taken by Ms. S. HHearne's and the Geathers family.See; (N.T. 3/24/ 92 p. 24-; 27 3/25 /92 p. 150-156, 324- 238 ; 3/26/92 p. 290- 295. 248- 357) and the assistant medical examiner "Adrienne  Skekula-Perlman" testified to the details of the autopsy she conducted on the deceased but did not make it clear on record to the findings of results. If I was the perpetrator or these results matched  someone else other than me as the perpetrator of this crime. See(N.T. 3/24/92 p.43) furthermore the question is this was my skin found under the fingernail of the deceased or that of someone else like the real perpetrator in this case,  because the prosecutor in this case show pictures of the scratch on the left side of my face to the jury given the jury the permission that the scratch came from the deceased, you the public please keep in mine the detective  took " fingerprint, sample blood, hair sample, and oral swabbing from me to be tested against the deceased, these laboratory results were never revealed to me nor the jury of the courts on the findings throughout the trial. The last 27 years I have been trying to get copies of Records/ files of the results, medical reports, detective files, and the District Attorney's office files records, and now I am before the courts once again trying to clear my name we can't find a lawyer to do the right thing because every lawyer we have retained as counsel of record did nothing but take the money from my family and didn't do the job they were paid for, so I'm left to fight this on my own with the help of my family and I pray after you read this information you will get involved, with your help and support. So I asked you the public does a guilty man fight for this type of information and Records/files to clear his name if he is so guilty in the eyes of the court I have filed the "Petition for Review for Case number 1158 CD 2017 within the court of common pleas Philadelphia County I against the District Attorney's office to turn over, and release these record/files to me but, their argument is that I don't have a constitutional right so this information I feel that they are wrong because it's a constitutional violation of my due process rights to appeal within the courts and to clear my name with the withholding of the record/files that pertain to my criminal public trial. Enclose this brief plea for your help and assistant I really pray you get involve because I am doing time for a murder I didn't commit, and for the last 27 years I have received nothing but injustice from the court system I had no fair trial my case was not investigated by trial counsel no witnesses interview or nothing in this case just review the records for yourself. August Term 1991,Case No.CP-51-CR-0832881-1991.