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We should be able to post comments on petitions without having to sign them. The purpose of this website should be to share and promote ideas. claims to support "robust debate" and  "avoid censoring content" (just check out, so why not let us comment?

If open comments were allowed, the website would have greater engagement with the audience, which would help drive more traffic to the site. More traffic means more publicity for the petitions on here, and a greater chance for our voices to be heard. User engagement is an awesome way to get more people involved and talking about the issues that matter most. is the perfect platform for this change since it already hosts the petitions and supporter comments: an open comments section is just one step away.

There is value in keeping the current supporter's comment section. A clear solution is to keep the current supporters statements separate and create along side it a regular comments section that allows discussion (via replies). This way people can see the discussion and decisions behind a petition, and understand what possible hurdles may be encountered by a particular resolution. It is impossible to see the whole picture when the comments are, in essence, being censored by's design. A more open form of discussion about the issues at hand would greatly help transform into a medium able to express our thoughts freely.

People need to hear both sides of an argument to make informed decisions. should allow open comments and discussions on petitions. needs a change!

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