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I have been sharing petitions I support on my Google+ profile for numerous months, yet even after all the people I've recruited into signing, I've received no points for it, nor does it show on my profile whatsoever. Those who use Google+ have probably experienced similar frustrations.

Although points like that may not necessarily matter a whole lot, it's still nice to be acknowledged for one's good deeds. The fact that I've received no such acknowledgment by the Staff is very disappointing, especially when I've been such an avid user of this site.

Unlike some people, I don't want to use Facebook, nor do I trust them with my personal information. I disabled my account ever since early June 2011 and I have since then enjoyed the experience of participating in a newer, better, and more trustworthy social networking website: Google+.

What is Google+?

Google+ is the new social networking and identification website by Google Inc. It was created to compete with Facebook and like social sites, as well as to reinvent the entire idea of what a social networking site is.

The Google+ Team has taken an innovative and fresh approach to the concept, one so amazing that even Facebook has begun copying its design and ideas! With an estimated 400,000,000+ users already—nearly half of what Facebook has—and having accomplished this in a fraction of the time its competitors have since its launch on 28 June 2011, Google+ is clearly a growing website that a number of users are on, myself included.

Why should I sign?

Allowing for a Google+ Share button would help spread petitions faster on a growing social networking site and give people another option when sharing them. Not only would you be able to show your friends on Google+ what petitions you support, but you'd also get the number of people you may have recruited counted on your profile page. Any petitions you may have made yourself would also benefit from this addition because those who sign it and may be using Google+ can share it on another site, thus spreading the popularity and reach of your cause.

Why should our recruiting and ability to efficiently share petitions with others on the site be ignored simply because some of us may choose not to rely solely on Facebook? I believe that is quite unfair, especially when you consider how popular Google+ has become since its launch, to both the users of Google+ and the website.

Please help me show that there needs to be a Google+ Share option! With the site becoming more and more popular with each passing day, why not?

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