“700+ fully grown trees in DANGER in DELHI” “Save these TREES Save Delhi”

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“Delhi once again encountering critical environmental challenges!” 

Under the scheme of Burari Bypass road construction near Yamuna Pushta, about 700 trees will be chopped off in order to broaden the road by 40 meters. The forest department has though granted the permission under the condition that each cut down tree will have to be replaced by planting 10 new trees. However, the prime question here arises that, 'is there no better solution available?'

As per the news reported on 24th February 2019, the work of Burari Bypass road construction, at Yamuna Pushta, stretching from Wazirabaad to Hiranki, is in progress. A file has been sent asking for permission to chop all the trees that would come in the way of broadening the road to 40 feet. The point to be considered is that, according to estimates, about 700 fully-grown tees would have to be chopped off in order to broaden the road.

Cutting down 700 fully-grown trees is once again putting Delhi’s climate and ecology in danger. Though the cut down trees are said to be replaced by 10 new trees, but the instant critically adverse effect it will create on the level of pollution is unimaginable. With the raging global warming and adverse environmental changes, even cutting down a single tree counts.

Chopping off 700 trees will result in severe habitat loss of the organisms dwelling in the trees and in support of the trees. The effects of deforestation isn't unknown to anyone. Thus, let us come together, protest against the mass butchering of trees. After all, it's the prime time when Delhi is already fighting against air pollution and its adverse effects.

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Image Credit: Dainik jagran (uttri-bahari delhi), 24feb2019, sunday