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Change my Legal Name to Tara Jean Mueller

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For years I've struggled with the notion of gender identity, and accepting that mine might be different from what I was assigned at birth.  Now, older, wiser, and with many experiences under my belt, last month I felt it was time to come out of the closet as transgender.

My name was Timothy Joseph.  After months of deliberation, I finally settled on a new name to reflect my female identity: Tara Jean.

However, there are many instances where presenting female and having a legal male name have posed some issues.  (College records offices, doctor's visits, anywhere I have to present any form of ID with my legal name.)  Therefore, I've decided it's time to align the two, and ease the issues this presents for both myself and authority figures I have to explain my situation to.

In the name change process, petitioners are required to publish a notice of the change along with a hearing date in two local newspapers.  In light of violent transphobic crimes that have occurred in many cities across America (and still happen recently and often), this may not be the smartest move for my safety.

I offer instead this petition, affirming that, yes, this is the name I use to refer to myself among aquaintances and I will use it publicly (as I already have on Facebook, Twitter, and other online channels).  These are the people I interact with on a daily basis, rather than the odd random strangers that still read the newspaper.

Having a perfect legal standing without so much as a traffic violation, I would respectfully ask that you grant my request to change my legal name from Timothy Joseph Mueller to Tara Jean Mueller.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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