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Petitioning Principal of Mary G Montgomery High School George Romano

Change MGM High School's Policy That Requires Girls to Wear Dresses to Graduation!

Two students, one of which wishes to remain anonymous, and the other, Tory Phillips, wore slacks to Senior's Awards Day at Mary G. Montgomery May the 12th. Both of these were pulled from the line in the auditorium and were told that they could not participate because of their apparel. Their apparel is more commonly associated with men, and according to the principal, Mr. George Romano, whom I talked to myself, said does not 'fit standards.' The students were told that if they do not wear dresses to graduation, they cannot walk.

Male students were clearly instructed to wear "a dark tie", and there were plenty of red and american flag ties, along with ties that are not "dark", and they got to participate. Additionally, female students were instrusted to wear dresses, no spaghetti straps, strapless, or halter tops; and there were girls that were wearing every one of those styles. This is clear proof of the blatant sexism in the fact that these students were pulled out when so many others were violating rules that were plainly stated beforehand.

The policy of the county's school system states that graduation dress code is up to the individual schools, so the only people that can change this are the administrators at Mary G. Montgomery High School.

Discrimination is wrong! Tory and anyone else should be allowed to wear appropriate attire to graduation. It should not be mandatory to wear a dress.
Times change, and people should change along with them!


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Letter to
Principal of Mary G Montgomery High School George Romano
We would like you to change the dress policy at MGM stating that girls must wear dresses and males must wear pants. It is outdated, sexist, and contradicts the purpose of celebrating an individual's achievements by robbing them of their individuality.

The times have changed, and pants on women is widely common and appreciated today. In fact, a women wearing pants and a tie could be argued as more classy than a dress. In addition to this, many students who violated dress code rules that were clearly stated prior to the event were not pulled from the Seniors' Awards day. This is all the evidence needed to see the sexism displayed in the policy, and it isn't too late to fix that.

I am a happy student at MGM, and I like the school, for the most part. But the dress policy that bars someone the right to be themselves and not wear something they're not comfortable because of their gender is asinine. I and many others just ask that you rectify the situation and allow people to be themselves and feel comfortable on one of the biggest days of their life.

Thank you,
MGM student

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