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MindFreedom International News - August to October 2009   :)
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22 to 28 August 2009

Mental Health Consumer/Psychiatric Survivor Festival in Amalidays, 

A festival for people using the mental health system arranged by 
MindFreedom sponsor We Shall Overcome, in cooperation with five other 

The festival will open on 22 August 2009 with a keynote address by 
David W. Oaks, executive director of MindFreedom International: "Our 
Thoughts Are Free - Unite to Win Human Rights in the Mental Health 
System." We Shall Overcome is widely considered the oldest psychiatric 
survivor/mental health consumer organization now in existence, at 41 
years old, and is a long-time sponsor of MindFreedom International.

25 August 2009 - This Tuesday!
ABC-TV Primetime - USA

ABC-TV announced that they plan to run a piece about the MAD PRIDE 
movement, including a number of groups in MindFreedom International's 
coalition, on one of their national news magazine shows. David Oaks, 
director of MindFreedom International, was interviewed for the show, 
along with a number of members and allies.

The MAD PRIDE segment is tentatively scheduled for this Tuesday, 25 
August 2009, on Primetime's "Outsiders" series. For times, check your 
local listings. (In Eugene, Oregon it's scheduled for 10 pm.) "There's 
no guarantee on the results," said David, "but this is a chance to 
reach a wider diversity of the public about the existence of MAD 
PRIDE." The piece may be bumped and re-scheduled because of any 
emerging national news story.

25 August 2009
Eugene Public Library, Eugene, Oregon, USA

Free Film: "The Doctor Who Hears Voices"

The Green Your Mind Film Series presents a free film, the Eugene 
premiere: "The Doctor Who Hears Voices." Sponsored by: VALID, 
MindFreedom, Helios Network, Opal Network. This film tells the true 
story of Ruth, a new doctor in England, who has begun to hear a male 
voice telling her to kill herself. Along the way, the film artfully 
explores issues such as the role of freedom of choice versus coercion 
in the treatment of risky mental states, and the possible relationship 
between "hearing voices" and unresolved past trauma.

9 September 2009  - 12 September 2009
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy is holding 
their important annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona. NARPA is a 
founding sponsor of MindFreedom International.

12 September 2009
Next MindFreedom Mad Pride Live Free Internet Radio Show. Listen and 
call in from anywhere in world.

4 October 2009
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

David W. Oaks, MindFreedom director, is giving a lecture at Harvard in 
Cambridge, Massachusetts. Free.

5 October 2009
Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA

David W. Oaks, MindFreedom director, is speaking at Holyoke Community 
College, in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Free.

9 October 2009 - 10 October 2009
Syracuse, New York, USA

The International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology, 
Inc. (ICSPP) is a sponsor group of MindFreedom. This is an excellent 
conference, especially to network dissident mental health 
professionals critical of the current psychiatric system. If you wish 
to help at a MindFreedom exhibit table, inquire with office.

28 October 2009 - 1 November 2009
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

The largest national mental health conference organized by and for 
people with psychiatric labels, each federally-funded Alternatives 
conference offers technical assistance on peer-delivered services and 
self-help/recovery methods. This year the event is being organized by 
the National Mental Health Consumers' Self-Help Clearinghouse.


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