Do or Die to get rid of the Demons

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   Do or Die to get rid of  the  Demons

 Stop living like corpses.  YOUR indifference makes the selfish, arrogant and demonic politicians to treat Human beings like worms.  You don’t have to come on to the roads to express your indignation and frustration. Just sign this petition. Let us grow in strength to bring in the Change.  Drop by drop we will become the ocean of strength.

 People all over the world are dying for no fault of theirs.  They are made to become victims of the system where the unscrupulous, selfish and greedy politicians, promise one thing and do the opposite.  As a result People are frustrated and are forced to come out on to the streets indulging in protests, blockades, strikes etc.,  In the bargain a tussle breaks out between the People and the police/army which leads to casualties on both sides.

 The Politicians hold power.  Power means the use of “force” to suppress the People.  And the force is the “police” and also the “army”.  The politicians order the “bureaucrats” who in turn order the “police/army” to use “force” on the people to quell any sort of opposition.  The police/army instead of being “human beings” become “killing machines” as they do not use their mind, brain and conscience. They merely follow the order of the politicians. They cannot defy the order, as they will either be transferred or demoted or sacked or even eliminated as it is happening in North Korea.  Today People are doing and dying.  But now People must do or die.

 The present equation 

  On One Side : Politicians + Police + Army + Bureaucracy                On Other Side  : PEOPLE 


 On One Side : PEOPLE+Police+Army+Bureaucracy

On the Other side :  Politicians                                                                

 PEOPLE are OWNERS/MASTERS/EMPLOYERS and the Police + Army + Bureaucrats are all EMPLOYEES.  PEOPLE Pay Taxes and the salaries of all these people are paid from these taxes.  The Politicians are NOT Employers as they DO NOT pay these peoples’ salaries.  Yet the irony is that the Owners/Masters/Employers get beaten up by the Employees, when in reality the Employees must be faithful to their Employers. 

 The Politicians also fall in the category of Employers as they also pay tax, but they do not get salary as they fix their own incomes + perks + benefits, as they wish  and there is no one to question them.  Hence they are NOT Employees.  They are neither Employers nor Employees. They are Public Representatives, who are defined as Social Workers.  As social workers they MUST NOT be entitled to any salary or honorarium or perks.  They should be reimbursed only of expenses made by them on travelling and conveyance, which should be subject to a maximum limit or a fixed daily allowance.   But never Salary, because they have volunteered to dedicate themselves in the service of the nation and the People.

 The Politicians are very arrogant and selfish. Keeping the youth unemployed is their policy. They use these unemployed youth for politics doing party work.  They train them subtly to be mercenaries to create lawlessness in society, to spread terror, to extort money from business people for party funds.  They become fearless goons who commit thefts, robberies, murders, rapes, extortion, ransom as they have the protection of the politicians who control the police.  The police is totally helpless in front of the politicians. They also get frustrated as their conscience pricks them. The politicians have succeeded in usurping the people’s properties, indulge in all sorts of corrupt, immoral and unethical activities, only on the one premise, that they hold power.  Now this must change.

 Change this faulty System.           

                    Only the People CAN DO it or else DIE.

 Unity is Strength.   People of the World, sans borders, should be UNITED on ONE platform where all the People, excepting the Politicians, must come together.  It should be a conglomeration of the Common People, the army, the police, the bureaucrats and all government employees.  This will give courage and strength to the bureaucrats and the police to refuse to implement any order that goes against the interest of the nation and the people.  We the PEOPLE must form, float and lead this UNITED CITIZENS.   The politicians will then come to their senses and stay within their limits and implement policies that are in the country’s interest.  No favoritisms to erring politicians or their kith and kin.  With the People’s backing and support, the bureaucracy, police and army can work positively.   This will bring out the true meaning of Peoples’ participation in Nation building process.  This is the need of the World Today.  True, Direct and Participatory Democracy is the answer. As United Nations is the conglomeration of 194 countries, so also United Citizens will be the conglomeration of People of the World sans borders.

 The philosophy that needs to be embedded in the minds of the Politicians is that the People are the OWNERS of the country and its wealth, and that the Politicians are mere custodians.  We the People, the common people, the bureaucrats, the army, the police, the administrative people, the judiciary, the media, ALL  must UNITE into ONE FORMIDABLE FORCE to become the strength of the nation.  We must protect and help one another.  This will be true Humanity. 

 This is not at all Utopian.  A very small country Zimbabwe did it last year. They showed the exit door to Robert Mugabe.  Following their footsteps South Africa did the same to Jacob Zuma. 

   It is the PEOPLE’s strength which is SUPREME. 

 Let us channelize this Supreme Power in the right direction.  Let us set right things that have been going wrong for ages. What we need the world over, is True, Direct and PARTICIPATORY Democracy.    At least do it for our children.


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