Lehman HS Final Exam Schedule

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The Lehman High School Seniors would like to request that we have the same final exam schedule as the Hays High School Seniors.  The HHS seniors last day of school is Tuesday, June 5th, while LHS seniors last day of school is Wednesday, June 6th.  Hays High School Seniors have already missed multiple days this semester for senior related activities while LHS seniors have not been allowed that privilege.  HHS Seniors have missed one day for the Senior Walks, which LHS is waiting until June 7th, after we are done with school, to do our Senior Walks.  HHS seniors also missed Friday, May 18th to take their senior trip to Six Flags, while Lehman students are not doing their senior trip until June 7th.  We will not be able to leave until after 2:30 PM due to the Senior Walks and senior check-outs. This is unfair because we do not get as much time to enjoy our senior trip and many students can not attend due to the date chosen.  Although everything is supposed to be the same across both high schools, the inequality is very apparent.  This petition is not just about getting out of school a day early, it is about the imbalance of opportunities between the two high schools.  

Hays High School Final Exam Schedule: 


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