Change legislation to make organ transplants from organ harvesting groups illegal

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Organ harvesting in China is a significant problem. 


But there is not a lot we can do in Australia to create change in China.

What we can do is three-fold;

  1. Spread the message, that these crimes against humanity are still occurring.
  2. Register to become an organ donor, if we stop the flow of income for these 'organ transplantations', we help stop these crimes from occurring.
    Here is the Australian registration donor link, 
  3. And lastly, campaign to stop Australian's travelling overseas, who travel to have an organ transplant, which has either been harvested from unwilling donors, stolen, or bought through, unsafe inhumane means.

    We campaign to make it illegal the same way, it is illegal for Australian's travelling overseas to participate in child sex offences. It will be deemed as an illegal extra-territorial offence.


Although we are not directly campaigning against organ harvesting, these key changes do play a significantly role in creating overall change. 

In Australia there are over 1400 people on our organ donation list at any one time,

Organ donation is a crucial way to save someone's life, but it should a gift, and not stolen.

This petition is to convince our local MP's that this is an issue that we care about.


Here are our links, if you're seeking more information and more regular updates regarding this campaign: 


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