Change India's name to Bharat and India's Independence Day to National Day

Change India's name to Bharat and India's Independence Day to National Day

15 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rahul Karad

It has been 75 long years since we broke the shackles of colonialism to call this beautiful nation truly ours once again. The small blotch of Colonialism was washed away, and we headed on a journey of original thinking and national development. But have you ever wondered, “Are we really independent? Or are the old shackles of Colonization still binding us?” 

Bharat is a glorious country with centuries of rich traditions, a multitude of cultures, and an illustrious history of thousands of years. It is the birthplace of major world religions and profound philosophies which are now recognized the world over. The world is looking at Bharat as the reservoir of great scientific and technological talent. The leaps we have taken in the fields of science, arts, literature, film, tourism, and many more fields are unparalleled.

Many Bharatiyas are or have been at the helm of leading global companies. Laxman Narasimhan of Starbucks, Sundar Pichai of Alphabet, Indira Nooyi of PepsiCo, Satya Nadella of Microsoft, Parag Agrawal of Twitter, Leena Nair of Chanel, Shantanu Narayen of Adobe, Ajaypal Singh Banga of Mastercard, and many more names stand as a testimony to the talent and dedication of Bharatiyas that has been recognised the world over. There is newfound respect in the eyes of the world while looking at Bharat and Bharatiyas.

Bharat is the epitome of ‘Unity in Diversity’. 122 major and over 1,500 other languages, multiple communities, religions, races, and creeds call Bharat home. Yet, 140 crore hearts beat as one. This diversity, this multiculturalism, which has been the defining feature of our nation, has astonished the world for ages.

It is to this glorious culture that we belong, which has assimilated centuries of knowledge and is emerging as a global superpower. This unique land, our Bharat, was renamed India by foreign rulers. It is time that we get back to our origins and take pride in this land of Bharat. 

Shakespeare had said ‘What’s in a name?’. I believe, Everything. Name is an identity. Name is a definition. And it is this identity of a glorious culture of thousands of years that we should cherish through our original name - Bharat, instead of the colonial version. 

Similarly, 15th of August should be celebrated as the National Day and not the Independence Day as we have had our independent identity for thousands of years.

Sign the petition requesting the Honourable Government to change the names from India to Bharat and from Independence Day to National Day.

I have the greatest belief in the youth of today, who, while embracing the best of the outer world, have stayed true to their roots and take pride in their Motherland. 

Break the shackles. Embrace your Motherland and its original identity. 

Rahul V Karad

Executive President

MIT World Peace University

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Signatures: 4,073Next Goal: 5,000
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