Change House Buying Law in England

Change House Buying Law in England

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Why this petition matters

Started by Janet Martin

After my Mum had two purchasers pull out of selling her house last minute and I, myself, after 5 months have just had my purchasers pull out last minute. It’s time that our government changed laws around this to protect people.

This messes with peoples lives. Not only is it costly (I’m having to pay solicitor fees aswell as already paid for a survey on my purchase) but it can affect lots of people down the chain.
My purchasers were pushing for me to be ready to move, so I sold all my furniture as I was downsizing. They even got their solicitor to email to confirm that they were desperate to purchase and asking me not to re market as they had a hold up. Then a week later they pulled out!

The law needs to change to protect people.

We need a law to make contracts compulsory after a two week period after agreement on purchase. If the contract is broken , then the person responsible for this should be liable for all cost of onward chains incurred by their failure to complete.

A deposit could be held to cover costs at agreement to purchase or an insurance could be taken out to cover costs.

Only our government can change the law.

If the laws change, the whole house buying/selling experience will be a safer, cost effective and less stressful time for all involved .

Our mental health with benefit from this.

Please sign to force this to be discussed in government.


375 have signed. Let’s get to 500!